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    Vmax valve shim tool

    Hey there, I am going crazy trying to find a valve shim tool for my 89 Vmax. Everywhere is sold out. I have two Intake valves that area a little too tight. I contacted Sean and he has me on the list for a while but his kits aren't yet available. If anyone has a kit they could loan out or even...
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    Need help hooking up Ignitech

    Hey, I'm a new owner of an 89 Vmax. Which I'm trying to get back on the road. I got the bike very cheap and rode it home on maybe 2 cylinders. After going through the bike I discovered that I have a Stage 7 jet kit with Vboost still hooked up and 4 into 1 exhaust. The carbs were a mess with...
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    New owner of an 89 VMAX

    Hey everyone this is my first post. Im in south Florida and I just picked up an 89 Vmax that is a little rough. The bike is complete and starts right up and runs but not on all the cylinders. The odometer says 6000 miles but I seriously doubt it, although it does looks like it sat outside...