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    how much hp?

    when is it? And im not sure where that is. I know where Bettendorf is, thats where I bought my Mustang.
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    how much hp?

    I am only 20 minutes from J&P and will be there this year. A friend I work with is talking smack about my vmax and wants to put his Harley on the dyno agianst me. Im sick of him running his mouth so I told him this wont be a friendly race its gonna be for money!
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    how much hp?

    I have a stock motor 1985 that was built by Jon at UFO with Kerker pipe and VGAS carbs and it made 139.6 hp on the dyno last year ! As far as gas milage, who cares its a vmax, I get 100 miles on a tank before I switch it on reserve and no problem with starting with no choke. I had a brand new...