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  1. Itgoes

    The End

    "Oh yeah, F#CK YOUR MASKS! Its doing nothing other than grooming you to be compliant, you idiots." Fuck you, I've lost family and friends to the virus.... Jerkoff.
  2. Itgoes

    The End

    Ha ha.....yeah CNN was responsible for the whole thing! You realize that the news people reporting outside were attacked and some of their equipment destroyed. This reporter managed to get inside without being singled out by the trump mob and was celebrating that fact. Brave woman, unlike the...
  3. Itgoes

    The End

    I don't support Antifa they are often outside the law best I can tell. BLM does not promote violence and the vast majority of their protests were peaceful. That being said there was/is a criminal element that took advantage of the protests, and damaged property in a lot of cities. All of those...
  4. Itgoes

    The End

    LOL......scum punks.
  5. Itgoes

    The End
  6. Itgoes

    The End
  7. Itgoes

    The End
  8. Itgoes

    The End

    That's exactly it. Trump will never accept responsibility for anything negative he is responsible for. He will lie, deflect and his supporters will defend him in a way that can only be described as cult like. I've lived in the NY metro area for my entire life so I know Trump and his history...
  9. Itgoes

    The End
  10. Itgoes

    The End

    That is more misinformation. There was a call for people (Republicans) to show up at the polls and be poll watchers. There were already over 100 Republican poll watchers there, they were at capacity and no others were allowed to enter. No poll watchers were thrown out. Everyone of these...
  11. Itgoes

    itgoes? hahahaha

    Ha ha....I know JK!
  12. Itgoes

    The End

    The problem is there is no evidence. Several cases were thrown out because the court said the plaintiffs had no standing. These are the only ones that the "right" want to talk about. But, many were thrown out because there was not one scintilla of evidence. Here is one example: On Friday, a...
  13. Itgoes

    itgoes? hahahaha

    Hey Mike, are you making fun of me? You want to race? 🤨
  14. Itgoes

    Colour on stitching on OEM driver seat

    That part number is for a 2009, and some other years. There is a second part# 2S3-24710-10-00 which I assume is for the gray stitching. You can check by going to Partzilla and checking the seat part #s for different years.
  15. Itgoes

    Mountain's Leslie West died

    I was a big fan of Mountain in my teens. Leslie West was a great guitarist. I finally got to see them in 2007 in Bethel NY (Woodstock site) and they were very good despite Leslie appearing to be very grouchy. 😄 The short-lived band West, Bruce & Lainge has a few good songs as well. This was a...
  16. Itgoes

    Looking for Handle Switch Lever with Pass Button

    I believe that was a standard part on the European Gen 2's. One of our members across the pond can help you with this I'm sure.
  17. Itgoes

    covid vaccine

    Sean Morley has the fix. Shoot him an email at: [email protected]