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  1. desert_max

    Cheapest battery? Found 56 shipped from ebay.

    I’m guessing you found it on the pavement back behind AutoZone…
  2. desert_max

    Bike won't start! Found fault now. It was a broken repair i had done and forgotten about.

    I'd support this line of reasoning if the OP hadn't mentioned that the bike "cut out" and hasn't run since. I'm assuming the battery hasn't been fiddled with in the interem.
  3. desert_max

    Fuel pump relay voltage

    Lol. Good luck with it. I am an electrical engineer and I still hate Motorcycle harness gremlins.
  4. desert_max

    Fuel pump relay voltage

    Do you get the same voltage drop across the relay with the fuel pump disconnected? If so, then it is likely the relay. If not, could be crappy connections (or wiring) on the load side.
  5. desert_max

    Fuel pump relay voltage

    Have you confirmed that you're only seeing this voltage drop at the fuel pump? If so, DV4 is on the right track - but make sure other point load supplies are not also falling off before an indictment.
  6. desert_max

    Man Cave coffee table

    I disagree. The top table could be MUCH better served with a bottle of nice sour mash and a couple of shot glasses...
  7. desert_max

    Motorycle For Sale SOLD! 1986 For Sale (yes, my "forever" Max)

    I have had 6 Gen1s - 3 acquired AFTER this one. It is the best VMax I have owned. I am the second owner. It was 100% original when I got it - that lasted about a week. Illness forces sale. It now sports (I hope I don't forget something: Morley midcut seat Morley single tube frame braces...
  8. desert_max

    Should overflowing gas drain thru vent hose? (Picture) Please verify. Thanks.

    That'll work fine unless those happen to be plugs and/or aren't open to the atmosphere.
  9. desert_max

    Thanks Sean

    Gen2 on Grand Cayman? I guess you basically have a couple of unused gears, eh? 🏍🏝
  10. desert_max

    Motorcycle Wanted STOCK 1994 YELLOW

    Wish I had my 94 back! Good luck with your search!
  11. desert_max

    Motorycle For Sale 2005 Yamaha V Max Anniversary Edition For Sale $6500 OBO

    I sold a beautiful 05 last year here in Phoenix. Got $4500 for it - but it had covered 33k miles. Still pristine and ran like a VMAX. I probably could've gotten more, but didn't want to draw out the process.
  12. desert_max

    1998 Rear Fender Removal

    Takes about 5 minutes to pull rear fender off.
  13. desert_max

    1st Gen Clutch Upgrades, PCW clutch kit source

    I believe the notion is that one replaces spent friction discs and at the same time the spring is upgraded. The stronger diaphragm helps prevent the issue in the future.
  14. desert_max

    1st Gen Clutch Upgrades, PCW clutch kit source

    I installed Sean's recommended kit with the heavy duty spring and "half- disc" replacement. Nice, easy clutch pull. No slippage yet... I don't expect any.