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Re: oil catch can project
Old 08-17-2018, 02:57 PM
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Default Re: oil catch can project

What I did with my stock airbox a longggg time ago, was to remove the T fittings and turn them sideways. They no longer lead into the velocity stacks. They just dump to the sides, but still into the box.

I had noticed the oil residue down the carb stacks. I hated that and thought it was kind of bad to be getting oil directly down and into the carbs and on the slides (and into the pilot air jets). But I knew I wanted the vent in the airbox as well, so I'd have some vacuum pull from the box to relieve crankcase pressures.

I think I had to trim a bit of a tab on the T's to make them plug in sideways. I also put in blocking plugs into the holes left in the velocity stacks. Been running that way for years. Every so often when I pull carbs for maintenance, I dump out just the small bit of oil that accumulates in the box. It's never a lot though, and just holds to the front part of the airbox. Never even had enough to drip out the front vent hold in the bottom of the box.

I probably have pictures of my mod somewhere on my laptop at home.

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Re: oil catch can project
Old 09-28-2018, 10:12 AM
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Default Re: oil catch can project

If I am understanding your setup correctly it would probably work if the small air filter was inside of the air box so it would get a vacuum pull from the carbs. The carbs pulling a vacuum on the crankcase is the biggest advantage for this setup.

Originally Posted by g2501 View Post
thanks everybody,
I'm just coming back after several months (...and mods )to my oil catch can project.
So, to summarize here is what I learned ( please coorect me if I'm wrong) :

1- an oil catch can will give almost no benefits if standard air filter is used but anyway I have a Dyno 3000 ECU, a K&N single filter and a stage 1 , so my Max is not realy "standard". I will give it a try.

2- to route the crankcase tube and the "air breather " tube ( I don't know how to call it.... I'm referring th the Breather kit sold at exactrep) to a single oil can with an air filter will remove the "vaacum advantage" as stated from Sean.

so, right now I was thinking to something different.

first of all , let's divide the 2 thighs :

a oil can for the crankcase and eventually a breather filter

the breather tube will be more or less similar to the exactrep product. Maybe smaller or with a better quality tube, but the meaning wil be the same, and it will be left alone without any connection to the oil catch can.
A single tube with an air filter at the end. No more than this.

regarding the crankcase ( and this is the question to you all ) what if I remove the original rubber hoose and replace it with a new one with a PCV in the middle?
One end of the hoose goes into the crankcase ( that already have a pcv valve ,I know) and the other end goes into a oil catch can with a small air filter on top.

Will this configuration be more effective or it is just a waste of time and money?
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