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  1. S

    02 Vmax $4,000

    Selling my 02 CF Vmax. It's in great shape except for some wear on the tail where previous owner had a tail bag rubbing on the fender. 16,XXX miles. Located in Chattanooga TN.
  2. rebeltaz83

    2.0 liter v8 with over 200 HP at 13,000 rpm

  3. northjax

    09 Gen2 w/26,000 miles in NORTH Ca

    Selling my 09 to thin out the collection and put towards property. Well maintained and can deliver w/in 300 miles @ .50 per mile or help arrange shipping at buyers experience . Call with questions. 904-476-5472 Jason
  4. Traumahawk

    The $20,000 Road RACiNG ❱❱ 2riders Trash talk in Facebook turns into street race

    This was amazing to watch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HIfX7It-_1g
  5. dannymax

    10,000 CA Nat'l Guardsmen ordered to pay back $15K+ enlistment bonus

  6. VmaxVboost

    2013 for sale, 3,000 miles, factory warranty

    2013 Yamaha Vmax Excellent condition 3,000 miles, but that will change, as I am still riding it Upgrades: Vance-Hines CS-ONE Full Exhaust: $1200 parts 4-2-2 Includes Two 2-1 collectors, Two slip-on mufflers and all required clamps and springs, already installed ——————— Corbin Front Saddle...
  7. Zeus36

    Biker Awarded $180,000 After Being Kicked In Chest By Cop

    A motorcyclist in Eugene, Oregon has been awarded $180,000 after a jury concluded a police officer used excessive force to detain him after a chase. The officer was in an UNMARKED police car, rear-ended the biker and broke his collar bone by kicking him in the chest even though the guy was...
  8. bikedave99

    2005 Vmax with Radials in Joplin, MO $4,000

    http://joplin.craigslist.org/mcd/5683534707.html Not too bad a deal considering it has radials, cut down seat, coerce windscreen and belly pan!
  9. ih8detroits

    Vmax for sale 15,000 invested!

  10. Bill Seward

    70,000 mile stator.

    Took the Max out for a spin yesterday, and turned right around when I noticed the voltmeter was only reading 11.4 volts. (12.3 at battery). I have a Series voltage regulator installed, and it seems to work well. I substituted a known good regulator, and there was no difference. Testing...
  11. Bill Seward

    130,000 miles... Repairs and replacements.

    First off, I 've gone through numerous tires and brake pads. Too many to mention here.. Let's start at the beginning. Dates and mileages are approximate from the early years. Oil changed about every 2000 miles. Started with GTX, now using Rotella. Filter every time. Late in 1985 muflers...
  12. Fire-medic

    Can this happen, living subsidies to $75,000+ a year?

    I make no claim to the veracity of this posting. It was sent to me by a fiscally-conservative Republican resident from a 'red state.' In a nutshell..... How to get $75k in benefits for you and your girlfriend. Follow these proven steps. 1. Don't get married to her. 2. Use your mom's...
  13. PATMAX

    2,000 mile 09 in Miami

    Check out Mismi FL Craigslist. $10,500 asking price. Private seller, original owner comes with commentaries plaque.
  14. _MaXiPaD_

    1997 Silver V-Max 19,700 miles - Asking $4,000

    Location Wahoo, Nebraska **ASKING $3,850** For Sale: Great Condition Silver 1997 Yamaha V-Max 1200 Mileage: Under 19,900 (may go up since I do ride it from time to time) Upgraded Rear Shocks Upgraded Brakes (R1 Caliper/Rotors + FJR 1300 Master Cylinder) Upgraded R/R (R1 R/R) Corbin seat...
  15. C

    2011 Vmax Low miles $16,000 obo.

    http://toledo.craigslist.org/mcd/4402149363.html Just thought I would pass this one along. ONLY 4678 miles on it and $16,000 doesnt seem terrible compared to what I ve seen for sale. Todd
  16. thundermax

    2005 #502 of 2,000 Gas Mileage

    First calculation of the mileage in my new 2005 vmax, 44.4 miles per gallon! That is mostly cruising on state highways, 55 to 65 MPH. I am pleased with the result on the first check. Has supertrapp exhaust with 8 disk in each side. Factory jetting. New tires.
  17. medicineman843

    0 debt and 700+ credit score looking for lowest intrest 13,000 personal loan

    My credit score is a 776. No debt, Own my car and 86 vmax. Wanting some options and hopeing for 5.99% and lower. Looking for 60 month loan option. I bring in 2000 a month after taxes. Pay 200 a month for rent and utlities( cell phone, car insurance) Any advice on where to start looking?
  18. J

    2007 vmax with 4000 miles $6,000

    Just thought someone might want to know that I ran across a 2007 vmax with 4000 miles for sale for $6000 on the Glenville or hilton head craigslist.
  19. Frosty72

    Coming up on 20,000

    I'm at 18K and some change, am I going to have to do some valve shims or any other maintainance at 20K?
  20. SpecOps13

    Oil Light Solid on at 8,000 RPM in 4th Gear???

    I mentioned this in what was more of a story about my ride Sunday. Now I ask here to see if this is normal. Oil level near top marks on the sight glass. Roll on in 4th from about 5,000 RPM. Oil Light comes on and stays on at 8,000-8,500 RPM. I looked at the light, then the RPM and...