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  1. SpecOps13

    2 1/2 Years, My Mustang

    2 and a half years ago I bought my mustang. Negotiated the dealer down from $19,995 to $15,000 OTD. Tax, Tag Title Etc. with Cash. It's a 2005 Mustang GT Premium that was ordered Very Plane Jane. Even had a spoiler delete. Whoever had owned it only put 47,777 miles on it and seems to be garage...
  2. H

    clutch 1/2 plate

    should i get rid of it and add another diaphragm ? as the max is sliping when i power on at 100 + mph carnt have that :rocket bike:
  3. B

    1/2 baffle mod!

    Todd told me not to... but i couldn't help it. There is a post on here with 4 sound clips. The first is a stock mod followed by supertrap clips. The stock mod sounded the best to me. So i did it. When 3/8 and liked it as long as the cover stayed off. So i drilled it to 1/2 and it's even...
  4. timscues

    1" Or 2" lowering spring kit

    Just checking, I want to drop the bike 2", How often do you guys scrape the pipes or belly pans, putting in the race teck springs 1.0kg 250 lb rider, ufo exhaust, trying to see if I need 11.5" or 12" shocks? thanks for the input
  5. gamorg02

    backrest - 1/2 luggage rack in springfield MA

  6. M

    2 1/2 baffle now it runs like crap, Why?

    I just bought the kerker 2 1/2 comp baffle for my max. I put it in but it seems like on the top end it runs out of balls. Seems to lost alot of power. I pit the smaller baffle back in and it's fine again. Why is it doing this?
  7. M

    kerker 2 1/2 baffle. Is it loud??

    I'm not sure what mine is but it's alot smaller. I am wanting to get the 2 1/2 for it. Anybody have any video clips of that setup with the 4 into 1?