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  1. C

    [email protected] with a lousy 1.90 60 ft.

    Made some passes today. Best [email protected] with a c rappy 1.90 60 ft time. I ran a bunch of 10.0's-10.20's. Track was slick and I had to abort several runs. I am getting used to the power wheelies in 1-3 gears. I think I may be going through the 1/8 mile on the back tire. I ll have to...
  2. C

    190 mph....

    Pretty damn close to 190 mph in this shot when I let off. I can't seem to get Powerdirector to take better stills. Looks to be around 187 mph in this one. Both of these are 5th gear let offs with 6th gear still left to go.
  3. Drew85

    Swingarm for a 190 Tire

    Can the stock swingarm be modified enough to clear a 190 tire (with the wheel still centered)? Wheres the best place to have the work done? If the stock swingarm wont work is there an aftermarket one I could order? I dont want to spend $450 on the one from Blueridge Mountain Sportmax, I got...