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  1. K

    Dyna 3000 curves

    I have a supercharged VMAX and have been having heat issues. Also for the first time at WOT, bike actually died and after rolling in neutral, will start right back up via bump start. After some research, the issue may have been that the blown engine ignition needed to be retarded a bit. Since...
  2. A

    Ignition fuse blows with dyna 3000

    Anyone knows what I can do to stop this. Bigger fuse or any upgrades. I have the COPs kit and the dyna 3000 cdi..
  3. blaxmax

    Dynatek 3000 --1990-2001

  4. blaxmax

    Dynatek 3000

  5. O

    Dyna 3000?

    Hey now, has anyone tried a Dynatek ignition unit. Wondering if they're any good. The price is so much less than the OEM part it's very interesting. Thanks
  6. N

    Dyna 3000 ignition a good upgrade?

    What do you guys think? Is it a worthwhile mod?
  7. Rusty McNeil

    Dyna 3000 Lap Top Programmable

    I just spoke with Dyna on this lap top programmable unit. The old dip switch programmable unit is completely discontinued. The new lap top programmable unit has replaced it, and it's more than just programmable, it has all the features you'd expect on a modern unit..... It still carries the...
  8. Cuda1

    Dynatek 3000 questions.

    Just got the dynatek 3000 for my max and thought I was already to start flippin switches to set the advance and guess what?....... no dip switches, the instructions say it has 2 tunes preset and to even switch between them you need the handlebar mount switch. I tried to find one and could not...
  9. Mad V Max

    Dynatek 3000 D3k7-7

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for a Dynatek 3000 D3k7-7 for a 1985 V-Max. i already tried Dynatek, but there not making them anymore,. I'm living in the Netherlands,. Who can help me to finish builing my bike ? Thanks ! Marcel aka Mad V Max
  10. CaptainKyle

    Dyna 3000 Ignition 90 & Up

    Brand new Dyna 3000 Ignition in the box for 1990 & UP Vmax $ 200 plus shipping. Please email not PM [email protected]
  11. SpecOps13

    Dyna 3000 Settings?

    I've been running my 94's Dyna Ignition on the mildest setting for quite some time now. When dyno'd the bike was pretty flatlined at 14:1 Air Fuel. My gas mileage has been pretty good at 44 on the highway. So I want to make the bike a little more comparable in performance to my 89. What...
  12. E

    Tuning my VGAS and Dyna 3000 on my new VMAX

    Picked up my first VMAX the other day. Very different machine then what I am used to! I feel like the bike is continually trying to make up its mind on whether its a sport bike or a cruiser. Makes for lots of riding fun. Anyway, I will list the spec of the bike I bought below, and then my...
  13. G

    dynatek 3000 and t boost

    Hi all new to vmax's I got one that was in a bad way and now with a lot of work she lives :eusa_dance: . What I would like to know is can I fit t boost with a dynatek 3000 and what the best fix for speed wobble . Thanks all :punk:
  14. donnelly317

    93 vmax 3000 original miles!!

    The Yamaha dealer just got a 93 vmax with 3000 original miles. Its a deep purple I like it.. all original. Has case protectors and sissy bar. Never saw a drop of rain!!! Ask 5500. Its in alexander NY Sunnyside cycles.. inbetween buffalo and Rochester ny. I will get pictures if anyone is...
  15. J

    Dyna 3000 digital ignition

    Has anyone installed the Dyna 3000 Digital ignition? looking for thoughts if it is a worthwhile investment.
  16. Nielsen

    Dyna 3000 and MAP-sensor ?

    Do the Dyna 3000 ignition-box (D3K7-6) use the function of the MAP-sensor, or is it only the 1 selected curve (1 out of 8) without the function of the MAP-sensor it uses :ummm:
  17. mattmullins

    dyna 3000 info

    Went to tri state raceway today with friends had a blast first time at the track. I have the dyna 3000 on setting 4,10000 rpms ran 116's-117mph made 10 passes till I felt I wouldn't do much better then switched it to stock settings and then every pass was high 118's-119.33mph my best et was 11.3...
  18. E

    No spark at an idle on # 1 cylinder till 3000 rpms...why..where to look..

    hello..new to the forum..i recently bought a 89 max with 30.000 miles..not really well kept mechanically...i had it running really well..i redid carbs haven't sinc yet but had valves adjusted and went through as much as i could.. i left it out in the rain a couple days:bang head:...Im sure you...
  19. SpecOps13

    My Dyna 3000 and Rev Limiter??????

    Late model Dyna 3000. I've got my rev limiter set at 9,000. Last night was the first time I've pushed my 94 to that. It's been mainly the bike I take when my Wife can go along. Seemed to me that it cut the available power at 9,000 RPM but kept climbing. I thought the Dyna was a more positive...
  20. medicineman843

    Hid install, now bike is idling at 750, and spudders hard at 3000+, sounds

    Checked the fuses under the tank and the main fuse under the seat, they both look fine, I put the stock bulb back in and it is still running weird, Anything else i should try??:bang head: