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  1. Fire-medic

    claimed 400 mile CB750K! CL in IL

    Not mine, no one I know. https://chicago.craigslist.org/sox/mpo/5868960153.html I have a '78 CB750K that sat at a shop for a couple of years without the ahole even turning over the engine, so the top end seized. I looked for an engine to swap out and found this one. It has ONLY 400...
  2. rusty

    Victory Octane $10,400

  3. maxrom

    400 miles friends

    plus or less 400 miles from home friend from VmaxQuebec.org came to see Maxrom at Rimouski:eusa_dance: from left to right:ummm: Speedcostsmoney, Bigpeter1200, Scorpion and Maxrom beside St laurence river:clapping: good remembers before my trip to Montreal will see Speedcostsmoney:biglaugh:
  4. QuarterHorse

    400+ inch V-Twin