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  1. T

    86 Running like junk

    85 Running like junk Well my beloved but definitely abused in the past 85 is having some problems. To give everyone an idea of what I'm dealing with it looks like a blind person attacked the poor thing with sidecutters and an equally blind person tried putting the wires back together. Random...
  2. P

    Needing 86 Max Windscreen/Windshield

    Hi all, interested to see if anyone is looking to get rid of their oem style windscreen? Open to different styles if you have a pic of it on the bike. Thank!
  3. rebeltaz83

    86 kawi 454LTD

    Went and picked up my cousin's new to her, 86 Kawasaki 454LTD. It's rough, she paid $500. It runs, needs a little work but should be a good beginner bike. It's low seat height, it's a side by side twin, liquid cooled. Very basic. Needs carb work, runs on one cylinder, I think float is stuck...
  4. spottedsquirl

    86 Vmax project

    Hey everyone! First off, I have recently acquired a running 86 Vmax. It does need some loving though. I found that the coolant tube was cracked and noticed that I can use the one off my 83 Venture. I'm curious to know what else can I use off the venture to improve or help with the max. I came...
  5. E

    86 Vmax for sale

    I have a 86 Vmax for sale . Bike is in great condition. Always kept in climate controlled conditions Has a Super trap exhaust, drag bas with riser installed now. I have the original handlebars that will be provided. 33k miles. Runs AWESOME! Fell.on hard times and am looking to sell. 3k takes...
  6. blaxmax

    '86 in Indy

  7. tothemax93

    86 Fazer

    Not mine, but looks very clean. Price seems good. https://buffalo.craigslist.org/mcy/5699365435.html
  8. adambweird

    Highly modified 86 for sale

    This isn't my bike, but if you're serious about talking to the owner, pm me and I'll give you his number. He's located in Oak Harbor, OH, same as me. And without further distraction, the good stuff: 1327cc motor Falicon super crank Mega Cycle cams JE pistons Ported and polished heads Venture...
  9. henrysgmc

    86 Vmax All Stock -SOLD-

    I am asking $5900. and if you want more pics email at [email protected] I also updated some of the pics. Call or text me at 845-283-6593 This bike runs perfect.
  10. Toolman

    WANTED 85 86 Maxum 700/750 parts

    WANTED 85 86 Maxim 700/750 parts here are some parts I'm currently looking for 1AA-1111M-00-00 1AA-13564-00-00 1AA-1441E-00-00 1AA-13594-00-00 1AA-1111N-00-00 1AA-1441A-00-00 1AA-4453-00-00 if you have anything else please let me know
  11. redbaron13

    11 week report 86 max

    Okay boys, bought this thing from a chef after back surgery. I have hardly gotten off it since the last week of may when purchased. It still has a little chuff when goosing the throttle before warm, not enough to venture into. It appears to have a small oil seep that allows oil to run down on...
  12. redbaron13


    So I have been riding the 86 vmax for nine weeks now. I wear it instead of it wearing me now. My 22 month old grandson heard a few thunderbolts last night and said, "Grandpa, cycle, go work", truth from the mouth of a babe, the super trapp muffler on the four in one sounds like thunder. I do...
  13. D

    '86 in georgia w/props to dannymax

  14. C

    86 VF1000R..... I found one!

    http://detroit.craigslist.org/okl/mcy/5014913155.html Price is more than I would like to spend. But its one bike I do miss. It had smooth power, it was fast and comfortable. This one looks decent, considering they only imported 2600 of them.
  15. N

    86 V-Max in Nebraska

    I have decided to sell my 1986 Yamaha V-Max 1200 cc 4 cylinder for $3500 firm. If it does not sell in a couple weeks, I will store it as a collector. This is an absolutely pristine machine and has been very well cared for and has clean Nebraska title. It has 29K miles. It also has a brand new...
  16. Traumahawk

    Another Vmax

    Well as the title says, I have a new to me Vmax. This used to be John Blaids bike, and after doing a lot of work, he just got tired of working on it, so I made a deal for the bike and all of his spare parts. It has 444 shocks on the rear, that I will transfer to my 07, and I will put my 418's...
  17. O

    86 vmax for sale

    86 vmax for sale SOLD I would like to sell my vmax. Need to sell this one to buy a newer one. There is nothing wrong with this one. It is clean and unmolested. Runs and shifts fine. Asking 3500. This may be the wrong time of year to sell I know. Bike is in Indiana. Bike is completely stock...
  18. dannymax

    P/U coil testing '86 model

    It appears the original Yamaha service manual is wrong about using the orange wire as the common wire for testing the two p/u coil models '85 - '89 (as mentioned by Maleko in a post many moons ago). The black wire is the common. I'm always reluctant to say the manual is wrong but they also...
  19. DJ89MAX

    First Gen '85 or '86 In HughsNet Commercial

    Happened to notice a first generation Max in a HughsNet Internet Commercial while watching the tube this week. Looks like an '85 or '86. Good to see the ole 1st Gens are still getting a few seconds of fame! Too bad the next scene is the gauges of a Virago or something.... HughesNet Gen4 TV...
  20. O

    86 dies when wet

    Hey guys. My 86 dies whenever it gets wet. Weather I wash it or get caught in the rain. After it sits for a day or two and dries out it will restart. I can't pinpoint exactly what it is. Any thoughts?