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  1. Bill Seward

    Restored '88.

    Pulled this bad boy out of the garage recently, and gave it a cosmetic and mechanical restoration. I'm riding it daily, and am seeing a drop in my blood sugar. My knees are feeling a lot better, too. Sadly, there is no VBoost, and I've topped it out at only 23.5 mph.... It's a 1988 Schwinn...
  2. Conman

    Parting out '88 (Bad 2nd) -SOLD-

    Alright, the time has come to part out my '88. I am keeping the exhaust, carbs, airbox, windshield, backrest, engine guards, light brims, and seat. I would like to offer the motor as a complete and running unit so for now that's all or nothing. $600 and whatever is remaining of the rest of...
  3. Conman

    FS: Clean '88 (Bad 2nd)

    I'm testing the waters to see if there's interest in my '88 with 2nd gear on its way out after 42k miles. Looking for $900, will be parted out if there's no interest. Good: It's extremely clean and well taken care of, runs/drives/shifts flawlessly aside from issues mentioned below Good...
  4. A

    Reviving the 88. Throttle response issues.

    So to start this bike has been sitting for awhile. The tank was full of rust and sediment. I removed the tank and got every last bit out using a combination of muriatic acid and electrolysis. Looks brand new now. I replaced the fuel lines and drain the fuel bowls and flushed with seafoam...
  5. S

    '88 V-MAX 'Spider Drive'

    Evening all :) My speedometer stopped working and it transpires it's not the clock or the cable, it's the assembly in the front wheel that needs replacing - my mate had a similar problem with his few years back. We're both based in the UK and mate never sourced a replacement, the only other...
  6. O

    88 max resurrection

    Hello all, Nik here. Though I would share my vmax story... 'bout 8 years ago picked up two maxes for about 3 grand in florida. An 88 and a 93. both had been stored for a while but nice shape overall. sold the 93 to my friend and kept the 88. 93 had t boost switch and supertrapp slip ons and...
  7. B

    Carb sync issues on an '88 Vmax

    I'm trying to sync my carbs with a new Motion Pro tool. The picture shows where the fluid stays no matter what I do. If I turn the A/F stews on #4 or #2 all the way in the bike acts like it will stall. #1 or #3 turning the A/F screw all the way in does nothing. Bike sounds normal at idle and...
  8. L

    Parting out 88 with thrown rod...

    Parting out 88 Vmax and some parts off an 06. The 88 was doing great till about 3 weeks ago when one of the rods punched a 6" hole in the front of the case.... Replaced it with an 06 which needed some TLC and swapped the stuff I liked with the the stuff I didn't. So if you're in the mkt for max...
  9. K

    '88 max pick up coil wires question

    Hey all, first post here, be gentle :biglaugh: Great place you got, been finding lots of usefull info. Got me a 1988 max to restore - while buying it noticed right exhaust way too colder than the left, and the v4 was working quite irregularly. Right exhaust seemed to spew petrol and you could...
  10. OzCrow

    New 88 owner with RR question

    Hi guys Ive just bought my first Vmax. It has a dead Regulator that I replaced with a Ricks one that has a different plug to the dead one. It looks as though a previous owner changed the plug to fit an after market stator, and did a poor job at it. The 3 white wires plug is different on...
  11. vmax2extreme

    '88 vmax $2000/obo in PA

    http://harrisburg.craigslist.org/mcy/5466244234.html Good deal and clean bike....
  12. maximus speedicus

    '88 ignition unit

    In the seemingly never ending search for my randomly lost cylinder the only place left to look was the ignition module. Thankfully I'm pretty sure I found the problem. As you can see in the pictures, there were corroded components beyond reconditioning. I lightly scraped the worst one with a...
  13. Specs95t

    '88 for sale - upsate NY - not mine

  14. S

    Is it worth putting forks from a 96 onto an 88?

    I just bought an 88 Vmax without progressive springs. The bike came with a set of forks from a 96 that are thicker (I guess?). Do I need to bother switching to the 96 forks if I put progressive springs in the original forks? :ummm:
  15. S

    Bolt on front forks to 88 vmax

    Recommendations ? I think someone put on a r1 forks..? Im looking to upgrade the front, brakes/shock's. Thanks ☺
  16. maleko89

    Heavily modded '88 FS in Houston

    I'm listing this for a buddy, Don Smith from Houston, TX. Due to recent health, been advised to not ride anymore. So after 27 years with bike I am selling my max. I am asking 7K. Motor alone cost more than 10K. Bought it new in '88. 1327 with 12.8-1 compression, 0-4 cams, 39mm Keihen FCR's...
  17. B

    88 vmax build

    so im finally finishing up some other bike projects and i wanna get started on my vmax, the thing runs fantastic, but its developed some small leaks around around the valve cover and its been stored outside for long periods of its life to so it could use some freshening up, and while i have it...
  18. S

    88 vmax1200 starter, hot start repair

    I have in my gen1 1200vmax, well known hot start problem. One theory about that is that starter shaft expanding due heating of the engine. So if i put collector to lathe and take of..lets say like 0.05mm of from shaft. pic 1 below. Is that solution? The shaft have bearings in both end, so its...
  19. T

    88 Super Magna for sale

    Not my bike or anyone that I know but thought I would post this here for anyone interested. Having owned a super magna myself I can attest to the fact these are fun bikes. This is the rare 88 model. Unfortunately the owner did some customization to it that you will likely want to undo and...
  20. J

    carb info on 88

    got my carbs out. split them all apart for a mega cleaning. wondering about jets i have in it. no markings on the main. the long one in behind rubber plug says 9a, pilot is 7.5. i got a k&n with kerker slip ons. wondering what jetting should be in the carbs and if it has a jet kit or not...