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  1. rebeltaz83

    My CL ad. Thought I'd share it on here. I'm open for criticism I guess lol. I can always edit it if anybody feels I should add something or take something out.
  2. redneksoldier

    Craigslist ad

    Not my ad, but in my area if anyone is interested, I could help acquire and ship stuff.
  3. SpecOps13

    Need Opinion on my Craigslist ad. 1989 Vmax

    Some of you know the extensive work that I did to this bike. Been running great for several years now. Too many Bikes to maintain and ride every week. Need opinions on the price and anything that I may add to make it more appealing.
  4. Fire-medic

    AEE Choppers vintage ad

    If you grew of-age in the 1960's when Easy Rider hit, and the popularity of choppers took-off, you were familiar with these guys. Here's a great ad, real late 1960's/1970's flavor to it, dig the beehive on the lady!
  5. Fire-medic

    unusual H-D ad

    I'm surprised this was made though I don't ever recall seeing it, so maybe it's a spoof.
  6. Rusty McNeil

    Best used car ad EVER

  7. Warp12

    - Kerker, "Killer V" Ad? -

    Does anyone remember (or have a scan of) this Kerker magazine ad from the 80's? I think it came out after the "Into the 9's" article. I keep looking around on Ebay for it, but no luck yet...
  8. gamorg02

    bikebandit ad

    this is what i got in my email today:
  9. Geek_Law

    Local ad for "over priced" 2010 max

    Hehe ... this cracked me up. I was looking at the local CL ads and this one for a 2010 max says within the ad (with my emphasis added): Well, I do agree that it seems overpriced. I'm not sure how much they are going for, but what a relief to see such honesty from the dealer. Here's the...
  10. VMike

    Funny Craig's List Ad

    Buddy of mine sent me this today.
  11. misiek93

    Craigslist ad

    I came accross this ad today, seems like it's legit. Figured someone on here may be looking for a parts bike or buy a frame and have a cheap vmax, and I'm sure you can talk him down on price even more
  12. S

    CL ad, worth looking at? Think with that many miles its worth looking at?
  13. Rusty McNeil

    Ad box at the top of this web site??

    I've got an empty ad box at the top of this website, when I click on properties I get this Any one know what I need to do to get rid of it? I've already turned of any unknown tool bars...
  14. CustomMax

    Craigslist ad

    Here's a good one, "I saw an ad that read 4 into 1 headers wanted, it says if you don't want your bike to be so loud I will trade my stock exhaust for your headers" how about that! Wow if I would have only thought to do this for all the mods I put on my bike I could have saved over 30 grand...
  15. gunrunner

    Awesome ad

    Came across this , check it out . :clapping:
  16. KJShover

    best beer ad ever!
  17. L

    classified ad cancellation

    I have a classified ad posted and can't seem to figure out how to delete or cancel it. Searched the FAQ, etc. Help! LC
  18. Rusty McNeil

    Best ad ever

    Don't know if it's for real...