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  1. TheMeanSupreme

    Gold dot calipers, adapter brackets (new), and 93+ rotors

    *SOLD*Gold dot calipers, adapter brackets (new), and 93+ rotors *SOLD* Listed these parts last year but was a noob to this site and didnt know I had p.m.'s. Sry to anyone who was interested and got no response. Selling the whole set-up for $150, buyer pays shipping. May entertain reasonable...
  2. TheMeanSupreme

    Gold dot calipers, adapter brackets, rotors

    Wanted to do the R1 brake conversion and a maxer on the VMOA site was kind enough to help this noob out... Unfortunately, the conversion brackets and the rotors he sold me and the gold dot calipers I bought will work on 93+ Vmax. I have a 1990. Want to sell or trade. Gold dot calipers...
  3. Bill Seward

    Spin on filter adapter and crossbar.

    Anyone got these parts kicking around? I'd be happy to send you the original frame crossbar if you need it to replace the modified one. PM me with price, shipping, etc. Thanks.
  4. J

    Brake upgrade.... need adapter

    So, I recently got a nice shiny new set of rotors, and I have the calipers for the gen1 (the newer model dual pistons) and I need the adapter that allows those new calipers to be mounted on the 85 forks.... I'm hoping someone has them, I've checked with Morleys Muscle and they no longer have...
  5. U

    Oil adapter for early models

    opss... mistake how to delete the post?
  6. T

    Question about lubrication - Magnacharger crank adapter

    Hello, I was just looking at a thread on here from a few years ago. One2dmax posted a really helpful message with pictures showing the Magnacharger crank adapter. Pictures duplicated below... I'm just curious as to how you maintain adequate lubrication, because I know that on a...
  7. toddo

    Bleeder adapter

    I bought a power bleeder for doing the brakes on my truck and wanted to also use it for the clutch on the Vmax. Seems only Harley adapters are available. So I made my own. Now I can bleed my clutch and have fresh fluid in there.:biglaugh:
  8. A

    Adapter for Hayabusa caliper on rear?

    I've got the 300mm wave rotors and a hayabusa caliper I want to put on the rear to match the front. What bracket do people use who have done this?
  9. Fire-medic

    Seen an air fork adapter for 1993+?

    I got this today and hadn't seen it before, it even stumped The Captain, with whom I spoke today. He hadn't seen one, either. I happen to like the air fork function on my 1992 40 mm downtube front end, it's so-nineteen-eighty's! I like being able to fine-tune the front end w/a bit of air...
  10. Traumahawk

    Rear rotor upgrade

    I bought the adapter from Sean, to be able to use a large rotor on the rear of my 07. Does anyone have a pic of how this is supposed to be bolted on? I guess that I'm having a brain fart, because I'm just not able to picture how it bolts on. Thanks
  11. Bill Seward

    Spin on oil filter adapter

    I've been thinking about changing my '85 to a spin on filter using this adapter from The ad stated I need to buy a curved cross brace or modify the original one. $139.00 for the cross brace seems a BIT steep! Anyone modified the original? Is it a simple mod, or do I need to...
  12. O

    Rear LRG rotor stock caliper adapter

    I just recieved a great looking adapter to run the larger rotor on my back wheel with the stock caliper. The kit came with the adapter plate, two spacers/bushings, and two stainless bolts. My question is how does this install. I am hopeing that someone has a picture on one installed that I can...
  13. Rollie

    R-1 Rear Brake Adapter

    Looking for the adapter to fit a right front R-1 caliper on the rear of my '90 .
  14. C

    Cycle One Off Spin on Oil Filter Adapter

    Brand new never put on just bought for $100 from cycle one off will take $75 plus shipping, call or text 207 624 one four three five.
  15. tmosel

    Oil Filter Adapter on Ebay

    Anyone seen this on Ebay?
  16. gamorg02

    can you powdercoat a spin-on adapter

    could you powdercoat a spin on oil filter adapter? would the heat be too much? thoughts?
  17. SvenDGAF

    Universal slip on adapter

    Does anyone make an adapter that converts the twin mid-pipes (that most slip-ons attatch to) into a single port, so that, in theory any can with the right size hole can be fitted? The "Devil" slip on had something like this I believe. A short 2-into-1 adapter piece, then the can onto that...
  18. M

    Spin on oil filter adapter

    Has anyone use th? Rivco spin on oil filtre adapter. Its aloy cheaper than the one selling at cycle one off.
  19. 88vmx12

    T-Boost adapter

    For all who don't know I have made an adapter for the T-Boost systems so you do not have to monkey around with taking the terminals out of the connectors at the coil connection or splicing into your harness. They are a "plug and play" set up with the exception of changing one terminal out on...
  20. naughtyG

    need a mirror adapter

    I wondered if anyone here would happen to have one of those mirror adapters lying around? It need to be left-threaded both in and out - it's for my right-hand mirror. Since I swapped my mirrors with those lovely 'as new' ones I bought here, I realized that my old ones weren't original (wrong...