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  1. C

    Use of X-1R Additive (Engine oil & Gear lube)

    I've read that using X-1R in the right proportions with engine oil and gear lube will provide for a much smoother gearbox, neutral is easier to find and the engine will probably run better. I understand this is NASA stuff. Website: I bought the X-1R engine treatment (yellow...
  2. firefly

    Liquimoly fuel additive

    Been using this additive for at least a year, gives a nice crisp smooth acceleration, easy starting from cold & a reusable can since you need only 50ml per tank full, the container is 300ml so it gives 6 tank treatments. I tried BG-44 and like it but its container is not reusable & I found this...
  3. johnpclynch

    Bike won't start after using NOS fuel additive

    You gotta see this! Epic Fail :rofl_200:
  4. M

    X1-R additive, anyone use it?

    anyone use the x1-r additive or know anything about it? Also, what topic should this be posted under??
  5. vmaxx05stud

    coolant additive

    just wondering if any you guys add any product to the antifreeze to help w/ the hot running vmax. i know some people like to drain it and run w/ water and say redline waterwetter, but i dont want to drain the coolant. thanks