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  1. Y

    Removal of bar ends with no Allen screw?

    Anyone have any suggestions on how to remove these bar ends? There is no screw at all to remove.
  2. CaptainKyle

    Stainless allen head carb diaphram screws

    Stainless allen head diaphragm screws $ 10 a set plus pay pal fees shipping included in the lower 48 . Please email instead of PM [email protected]
  3. Shredder

    Swing arm allen bolt

    Trying to get rid of my high speed wobble so im checking the torque on my swingarm bolts. What size is the allen head bolt? I i have to buy a allen socket and need to know what size it is. Thanks.
  4. W

    What size allen wrench?

    Hi all, What size allen wrench is used to remove allen bolt in bottom of fork legs? Thanks, Wayne
  5. dannymax

    #18-8 S/S Allen Bolt Kits @ BRC

    The two main reasons for stripped carburetor body bolts is 1) over tightening and/or 2) allen bolts too short. BRC has Allen Bolt Kits consisting of (89) bolts & (23) lock washers - broken down as follows: (16) #18-8 S/S 6mm Socket Cap side & bottom bracket bolts (16) #18-8 S/S 5mm...
  6. davidon

    Options, Allen bit broke in swingarm pivot bolt

    Broke off before I reached torque spec. Has this happened to anyone? Options to get it out?
  7. naughtyG

    Allen screws chrome plugs

    Does anyone know a good (cheap) source for those pesky little plastic chrome plugs that hide the allen screws on the handlebars mounts and on the upper and lower triple-trees? I need quite a few - they're missing from both the '86 and the '00..
  8. K

    Allen Head covers

    Do any of you have "chrome" allen head covers on your engine? What size are they? Do you have any links? Thanks!
  9. VmaxRider85

    stripped allen head on cylinder for coolant plate

    how do i get this out ? i tried and EASY OUT didnt work.. i dont know what to do im afraid to drill anymore espically with a bit on the cylinder HELP!!!!!!!!
  10. timscues

    Big allen head socket?

    Anyone know what size allen head socket is needed for a early gen 1 fork for the top bolt under the cover? 16mm or a 17mm? thanks
  11. Caleb_M

    Allen bolt?

    So I was just cleaning off some bug guts and noticed someone threw in some random bolt on the front Yamaha plate. Anyone know where I can get a replacement? Thanks. Sorry for the pic size, I'm at work and there is no photoshop stuff.
  12. Rusty McNeil

    What's that allen head plug lookin' thingie

    I have stupid question. What's that allen head plug lookin' thingie right next to the sparkplug? It can't be a head bolt or it would be in the top of the piston and it looks to close to the sparkplug for there to be any water jacket right there but maybe that's what it is????