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  1. 2

    Competent ARIZONA mechanic or shops who know their way around 1st Gen VMAX's?

    Anyone know of a really good technician or shop that really knows the 1st Gen VMax's? If so, please post name/contact info. Just looking for someone who is close by that can help in the event I run into a problem potentially over my ability to fix. Thanks!
  2. M

    Goodbye Arizona, Hello California

    SO LONG ARIZONA Illegal immigrants are boycotting Arizona by the thousands, showing their outrage with Arizona 's controversial new SB-1070 law by moving elsewhere. In the small town of Guadalupe, AZ, south of Phoenix, Manuel Renaldo is one of...
  3. K

    Seeking Arizona Vmax Riders

    I'm trying to put together a riding group of Vmax owners that reside in Arizona. It would be great to have fellow enthusiasts locally to ride and represent this iconic motorcycle. I created the social group today in this forum. I also created a Facebook group called Arizona Yamaha Vmax...
  4. dannymax

    Firefighter tragedy in Arizona

    Thoughts and prayers to all involved in this. :eusa_pray:
  5. alorio1

    Arizona Motorcycle Seat

    Arizona Motorcycle Seat
  6. kozy

    Salvage title cars in Arizona

    Hey all, throwing out a new thread to gauge personal opinions..... The state of Arizona is one of the few states nationwide that brands a title as salvage automatically when a vehicle is stolen. I don't agree with it, especially since there could be minimal or no damage in the theft (i.e. my...
  7. desert_max

    It's riding season in Arizona

    I know most folks have moved on to winter pursuits, but we here in the low desert don't ride much between June and September (at least I don't), so we pay our dues. But, a buddy of mine recently got another Harley - the new Sportster "48". A decent enough ride, nice fit and finish, makes a...
  8. Bacchus

    arizona vmax guru

    I posted up in rides and hookups to try to get connected with others in the phoenix area so far nada..... seems like in arizona guys buy new, mile em up, throw em away and buy new again.... I was wondering if any one in the group knows of any arizona vmaxers, and especially would like to get...
  9. S

    Arizona Gov

    Got this in a mail today. I like this gal. She sure is taking the heat from Mr. Marx. Can't believe the WH is taking Az to court for a law that mimics the fed law. Hideous, to say the least. Pure power politics.
  10. kozy

    Arizona Memorial Day ride

    Since we don't really have anyone in the Phoenix area to organize rides, I figured I would take it upon myself to gauge interest in a ride on Memorial Day. Let me know if you'd like to meet up for a ride on Monday. Haven't figured out a route/destination yet, but it shouldn't be hard to do if...
  11. desert_max

    Arizona Spring Ride

    Just had to let the group know about a spectacular ride today. From Phoenix up to Bartlett Lake. Fabulous back roads with curves, hills and straightaways. Cool air, bike running fine - and handling perfectly. New seat from Sean, frame braces - nary a shimmy. Rode pretty hard. I had no...
  12. kozy

    Houses in Arizona

    I graduate from college in May, and I told my fiancee that there would be no better time to move to a warmer climate then immediately after graduation before I find a full-time job in my field here in Northwest Indiana. We both like I'd be able to ride year round. That's a BIG...
  13. 98blackvmax

    Trip To Arizona

    Hey guys heading down to arizona from Canada. I was wondering if theres any big bike shops that sell vmax parts and apparel. Thanks Rob M.
  14. Bacchus

    arizona vmax riders

    are there any vmax riders groups active in arizona???? are there any members of this site that are located in arizona or better still the phoenix metro area??
  15. vmaxinID

    Arizona Bike Week 07

    Never mind I was told it's lame :sleep_10: Just a bunch of Hardleys