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  1. M

    Bad news for goats

  2. VmaxingPauly

    DALE WALKER 10' Bad Boy Comp Cans

    Hey All, Hope all has been well - Just wanted to share that I changed my cans from 14 to 10 and very happy with the change. Since I am a repeating customer - I was granted a discount - If any forum member is a Dale Walker exhaust owner and would like to change - contact him he'll work a small...
  3. Miles Long

    And you think YOU have bad neighbours..... and it's going to get worse - he's applied for a firearms permit, and was approved!
  4. Slamfire

    I know cobra's have a bad name but really?

    A friend and I had our max's dynoed today. His is all stock 2002 stock jets, stock air filter, stock exhaust amsoil engine oil Mine is a 1997 stock jets,stock air filter , cobra pipe 15w40 rotella he posted 117 hp/ 113 ft torque me ... 100hp and 71.75 ft torque Is it...
  5. Fire-medic

    Bad driving compilation

    I think these car cams were from Russia. What drivers! They must buy the video footage, what crazy drivers these people are! Notice the equipment failures and aggressive driving. :confused2: Another, the police are your friends...
  6. W

    Could PU coils ohm good and still be bad?

    OK, still no spark from the rear coils. I have exhausted all my capabilities. Have tried 3 different ignition boxes and all 3 (the original and a loaner and a bought used one from a runner) still don't correct the problem. I have cleaned all the connectors and continuity tested all involved...
  7. lawman504

    How to separate a Bad Boy horn?

    I recently bought a Bad Boy horn and cant find a way to mount it where it looks decent. I saw several where it was mounted on the side of the motor but that's not for me. I also have read where you can separate the compressor from the horn itself but I cant find anything that shows how. A...
  8. D

    I think something is bad wrong :/

    So I had a hunch it was running lean, but drove it a mile to school anyway, well I tried... Not even out of my neighborhood yet and I smell hot oil :bang head: I hope this is something I can fix myself because I'm more than out of money here lol. Here is a pic showing where I think it's...
  9. Fire-medic

    it was a bad one

    I was on my way to work yesterday and came-upon this accident scene about the time the vehicles had come to rest. Vehicle body parts and mechanical parts were strewn across half a 6-lane divided highway. This is in Hollywood FL. The white Ford F150 was going the wrong-way down the divided...
  10. SpecOps13

    Bad Day at the Car Show

  11. hurleyman77

    Bad second gear...

    Howdy, ('94 US VMax... probably) If I give any more than about 10-20% throttle in second gear, it... "lurches." It feels like it's coming in and out of gear very quickly, or skipping teeth. Everything I can find says that a bike will never go back into gear once it's come out... but IDK...
  12. CaptainKyle

    Bad work

    Just a little work from a local shop that I warn people about all the time. This is a Transmission drain plug on a soft tail . I don't think I have ever seen a plug this cross threaded . It is probably only in half way . I guess they just stuck it up in there with a socket & turned it until it...
  13. M

    Engine has a BAD knock...

    Long story short.. Had an accident, gravle on the road... ended up in a ditch, bike laying on its side and throttle stuck at WFO for about 20-30sec untill I shut it down... Any way... Broke my wrist and two fingers, lycky nothing else, bike a little banged up, but nothing major, and already...
  14. J

    Here we go again - bikers getting a bad name

    In the end, I think this guy might have been better off if he had gotten beat up. (no sound, but not really needed)
  15. Drew85

    Bad battery?

    My bike is dying at every stop only when the fans running. Had the battery load tested at 2 different auto parts stores and they said it was fine. Get it home and charge it, a week later its at 90%, another week later its at 85% and has stayed there for a couple weeks now (its not in the bike...
  16. C

    Road Trip Gone Bad

    I recently went on a road trip to Yellowstone and up to Glacier National on my V-Max. From my location in North Dakota, it was about a 2200mile, 5 day road trip. I only had 4 vacation days to use up before July 1, so that's why it was so short. Anyways. Before I left, I installed a 12v plug in...
  17. Johnc1go

    Inspiring Bad Behavior

    Now that riding season is in full swing, I'm starting to notice that the presence of me on a Vmax seems to cause other people on their bikes to behave in peculiar ways. Here are a couple of instances for example. The light turns red and I stop at the line, on the other side of the...
  18. lawman504

    Bad morning

    I just walked in my house from work awhile ago and there was a little resistance when i pushed the door open, so i pushed harder. I was shocked when i looked down to see what was in the way. I very large heaping pile of runny dog crap! Apparently one of my dogs ate something that didnt agree...
  19. scuff

    Why does my start button keep going bad?

    Ok so I have a question, I just recently replaced my start button with a new OEM part and It worked fine for about a dozen starts. The question I have is. Is it possible jump starting my bike with my battery charger on 150 amp boost would burn out this switch? I f'ed up and shut my bike off...
  20. C

    Check out this bad boy. I like old bikes like this. Probably the reason I still have my 73 Honda. Todd