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  1. K

    Adding a baffle.

    Hi all, I recently added the Magnacharger supercharger from Sean. Fun at speed but a bit tricky on slow speed due to the surging, but will get used to it. One thing that i would like to check on is the exhaust can. I run this one. Basically a 10" long with 2.5" inlet and outlet. I had...
  2. 9

    11" rear progressive lowering springs/ NEW 2.5 kerker comp baffle

    The shocks are in good shape all paint is in good condition but they are used part# is in the pics 150$ shipped in the us. I have video of parts installed on the bike . It still drove good and was comfortable with the shocks but I stretch the swing arm so I can't use it now cuz thers too low...
  3. G

    UFO Baffle Stuck !!!!

    Trying to remove UFO StreetPro baffle to allow me remove stock baffle packing and fit fibreglass type wrapping material... Unable to remove baffles, sprayed WD40 release agent into baffle and mufflers and got some movement but cannot get them out...any ideas ?
  4. G

    For Sale: Kerker 2.5" Comp baffle, K&N air filter and Mikuni 147.5 main jet (4)

    Hello, I bought a kerker 2.5' competition baffle, part #100-6400 2 weeks ago. Really perks up the performance but next door neighboor is now babysitting her grandchild ( a few months old) so the pipe has to go. $140 incl shipping in US. I have a K&N airfilter, single that replaces stock...
  5. Biker Dash

    Cobra Slash Cut Muffler Baffle Removal

    Looking at my Cobra Slash Cut mufflers, it looks like the baffles are just welded in from the outlet end. Single weld, as seen in this image It would be nice if they could be removed. Is it just this one weld per muffler that holds the baffle inside the can? I would very much like to be...
  6. Traumahawk

    Couldnt help

    Just swapped to a 2.5 inch kerker 4-1 NATURALLY I had to listen to the bike without a baffle in it.... I didnt run it that long because I didnt want to piss of the neighbors....
  7. J

    kerker baffle info

    Hello, I just picked up a set of gutted kerker slip-ons and would like to make my own baffles,,(I have alot of free time at work),,the cans are 3 1/2"od,,x 12" long,,the end caps are flat with a 11/2" thru hole,,does anyone have a pic of what the stock baffle looks like,,or can someone tell me...
  8. K


    I have this exhaust can (10" length with 4" diameter) with a ufo 2.5" endcap. What would be a good baffle for this set up?
  9. B

    1/2 baffle mod!

    Todd told me not to... but i couldn't help it. There is a post on here with 4 sound clips. The first is a stock mod followed by supertrap clips. The stock mod sounded the best to me. So i did it. When 3/8 and liked it as long as the cover stayed off. So i drilled it to 1/2 and it's even...
  10. K

    Kerker K series baffle questions

    Finally getting a chance to check out my new to me 2002 Max a little closer. It has a Kerker Header and K series canister. While inspecting my canister I noticed the baffle was just flopping and rolling around inside the can. I took the end cap off and there is no packing inside, just the...
  11. fmcandrew

    Does anyone have a sound clip of the inner baffle drilled on the stock exhaust?

    Once I get over 50mph I can't hear anything but the wind...want to louden it up a bit, but not too much and for very little coin... Your thoughts are appreciated...
  12. S

    kerker baffle question

    I am new to the V max thing. I have had it about 3 weeks now. I do enjoy the bike but I think I need some ear plugs. My ear are ring after I get off the bike. I have a 4 to 2 to 1 kerker with as best I can tell a 2.5" baffle. I measure the Id of the opening on exit of the muffler. I did repack...
  13. rebar

    Any input on sound and performance with baffle drilled out?

    I found a stock exhaust to replace my dented stock exhaust but it has been modified. Owner says.. " by using and a 12" extenion and a 1" hole saw and sliped it up the exhaust outlet hole about 10" until he hit the deflector plate and i drilled a hole in it. The exhaust sounds just like the...
  14. 2fear

    Kirker baffle...

    What is a 2.5" used Kirker baffle and packing worth? It's in good condition and I'm looking to sell it. Thanks for the help.
  15. Woody

    kerker comp baffle

    I managed to get ahold of an extra baffle. so i'm willing to let one go. (end cap and inner core) so if your in need of one, let the offers begin.
  16. F

    repair drilled out center baffle

    I am new to the forum, I recentley traded my 03 SV1000S for an 01 Vmax. Now I am trying to convince myself that I made theright choice. My SV was far from stock, I think I will be a little happier once I get the exhaust note closer to what I am looking for. I have a new OEM set of pipes and a...
  17. Jayhawk

    Baffle repack

    (I think) I'd like to repack this standard Kerker baffle (for use on trips when I don't need my ears bleeding). I've poked around on the Kerker site, but didn't see any kits to purchase. Can you guys recommend some material(s) to purchase and repack with? Goal would be to return the baffle...
  18. E

    How to install baffle?

    Hi folks: I too have a UFO 4-1 which is too effin' loud for my neighborhood. I can't ever get Jon @ UFO to respond to my questions re. mods to the end can, so I'm hoping someone out there can help me. I bought 2 different pipe baffles from JC Whitney...a 1 3/4" inch and a 1 1/2". Sadly, I...
  19. Vee4DFW

    Spare Kerker comp. baffle anyone

    does anyone have a Kerker comp baffle they don't have use for? I'm looking switch out to the 2.5 from the 1.5 they provide with the system. I will pay fair price.
  20. J

    Pics of removing baffle on stock exhaust?

    While searching I have come across several pics of removing the end plate rivets and drilling holes which seems easy enough, but none of removing the baffle. My understanding is I need a 1 inch hole saw, but I dont quite get where you are drilling (is it the actual pipe the exhaust is coming out...