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  1. Vrooom

    License Side Plate bracket

    Dimensions ??? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Supercharger

    Measure the distance steering bracket

    I hope someone can measure the distance between bolt holes on the steering clamp with a Vernier Caliper. See attached picture. And the inner-diameter for the clamp hex-bolt head hole. (to know the O.D. for the spacer tube to the GPS plate). The reason i asking is, i have no access to the...
  3. Trondyne

    Looking for a rear rack and/or bracket

    Looking for either a rear luggage rack or rear luggage mount bracket in order to mount a trunk that I have.... Thanks.
  4. R

    License plate bracket

    Hey all! I went on a ride last weekend on my gen 1 and noticed half way through that my license plate had fallen off. Upon closer inspection, I saw that the rear undertail had fractured at some point right above where the plate mounts. Now I have nothing to mount another plate to. Options now...
  5. O

    Saddlebag bracket

    I havent been able to find one so im here asking the VMAX GURUS. I picked up some ammo cans from work ( im in the Army) that im going to use as a saddle bag but cant find a bracket for a hardbag to use. Ive already relocated the turn signals so that wont be an issue. Any suggestions or ideas? Im...
  6. Traumahawk

    Thank you to Hypermax

    I just wanted to publicly say thank you to Hypermax. He had noticed an issue with the rear caliper adapter bracket that I have on the bike. Apparently it is upside down. He noticed it, messaged me, friend me on FB, and sent and email to make certain that I had the right info (which is a great...
  7. K

    Shift Bracket

    Hello, Im in need of a shift bracket for my 91 VMX1200, thing snapped and only place I found it was 60 bucks. that's including a ridiculous 12 dollar shipping fee. WTF! any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Andy
  8. D

    Rear Coil Bracket

    I tossed mine during the move, but I want to mount an aux fuse block to clean some stuff up, get the starter solenoid right, and get the wires under the seat organized. Let me know if you've got one (preferably with the rubber thing for the starter solenoid). Thanks, guys.
  9. D

    Faux tank latch bracket

    I'm looking for the little bracket that bolts to the under side of the faux tank. The one that the latch on the coolant tank/fuel pump bracket grabs.
  10. bikedave99

    OEM Backrest & Bracket - $150 + Shipping -SOLD-

    OEM Backrest and Bracket. Good shape, a little oxidized, but would polish up fine. Fabric is in good shape. I do not have the original bolts that connect the backrest to the base, but can include some black philips screws. $150 plus shipping.
  11. rusty

    Cargo Rack with Bottle Bracket
  12. A

    Help identifying this bracket

    Can anyone identify this bracket that One Off uses for his oil kits. I would by it from him but I don't need to wait a month for a bracket :ummm:.
  13. Fire-medic

    m-cman's luggage rack bracket fabrication

    This is not my fabrication, I hope m-cman doesn't object to my placing his work here, but I thought that this should be saved before it was deleted in a thread by Captain Kyle for his sissy bar luggage rack sale. The fabrication looks to be fairly straightforward, and is obviously of...
  14. jagco1

    Paint remove easy head light bracket

    If you have some old part needed to remove the paint off of them you may try brake fluid DOT-3 - it work for me. It can't hurt to try it. No hand work no mass. I have a head light bracket that the black paint was scratch up a little that I was going to have it powder paint today but man the...
  15. D

    Need left driver peg bracket

    I need the whole black part that bolts to the bike. I have pegs, but when the PO crashed, he broke the cross-bar that keeps the spring inside the peg. I was wondering why it wasn't in there, and why the left peg was different from the right..... Well, I found out. let me know if you have...
  16. headknocker

    taller windshield for oem bracket

    I have a windshield that i bought from boxenstopp (ordered from Germany) it is 10 Cm taller than the stock oem windshield (approx. 5 or 6 in.) In the Dark tint I lioke the way it blockes the wind but i'am not a fan of the Dark tint. I had it on my bike for two days now i'am going to order...
  17. C

    Custom Shift light mount bracket

    Here is my latest project for my bike. I have a few small changes I want to make and I ll zip out another finished one This is going to mount on the right hand side next to the headlight mounting infront of the speedo housing. Todd
  18. PATMAX

    What Radiator fan bracket is it?

    So as I plod along with the RattleCan Special, I've been diving into my parts pile. Grabbed a nice radiator fan and restore it only to find it does not fit a Vmax radiator. Uhhh? I only dabble with Vmaxes so I am at a loss as to what this fits. The three mounting arms are all wrong. There is no...
  19. dmax1

    Bracket needed

    I am in need of a shift lever mounting bracket. Does anyone have one for an 85 Vmax? Was out riding today and shifter felt funny. Made it home to find the shift lever mounting bracket had cracked. Can Anyone help me with this! :confused2:

    Headlight bracket bent?

    I am looking at the bracket that mounts underneath the top triple and attaches to the headlight bucket through the rubber grommet. I notice mine is not symmetrical. Actually, it looks bent. I finally decided to mount my headlight and was having a hard time getting both bolts in the bucket. I...