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  1. R

    Attaching breather hose

    Hi guys, I just put the airbox back in place after cleaning the carbs and can't figure out to save my life how to re-attach the crankcase breather hose to the underside of the airbox. Can't find a way to reach it. What tricks do you guys have up our sleeves? Thanks! PS: Apologies if this...
  2. rzwanink

    Engine breather hose

    Hi Guys, I just noticed that the engine breather hose witch should be connected to the airbox is missing... Would it do / cause any harm to ride the vmax without it?
  3. J

    White smoke from oil breather hose

    I'm getting some light white moisture type smoke from my crankcase breather hose, as I'm running flat slides do not have a stock air box. It happens when the engine has run about a couple of minutes from a cold start, and does it when warm, but there is no oil coming out of the hose, the engine...
  4. Hijinx1812

    Exactrep crankcase breather

    Still cleaning out the garage.... I've got an exactrep crankcase breather for sale. I had it on my bike for less than a season. Yours for $75 shipped in the continental US. The $75 doesn't include the COPs kit, but the kit is available in my other post.
  5. C

    V-Max 1200 / Gen 1 Engine Breather Kit

    #193 Helps the engine breathe better taking the strain off the original breather box and stops oil being forced up to the airbox. (then 'seeping' over the carbs). Includes screw in oil filler nozzle, stainless braided hose, and red 'K&N' breather filter. Fits all models '85-'07 Price...
  6. P

    gas from breather pipe?

    Ok when the bike is running I have gas coming out of the two left hand breather tubes that screw to the top of the air filter. Bearing in mind its not running well Im assuming that this isnt normal. Any suggestions guys?
  7. U


    Hi all For those of you that using separated air filters – what did you do with the breather ? I am using a small coin air filter – but after some time the steams of the oil make a sticky mass around it (no much… but still) I saw on ebay that EBOC – a ENGINE BREATHER OIL with...
  8. B

    Crankcase Breather Hose

    Couldn't decide if this post should be under Carb or Engine heading so. I have a 1/2 inch hose that goes between the Air Box and a nipple in the center of the crankcase that I saw called a "crankcase breather hose". I need to replace it as it did not survive my last removal of it. The problem...
  9. E

    Crankcase breather rebuild question

    Hope everyone is doing okay. Question regarding Ninjaneer's excellent crankcase breather rebuild post from way back in 2011 (see it at He mentions using "Yamabond" a few times, but when I look up "Yamabond" on Google, I see there are...
  10. leecifer

    Breather housing oil leak

    Is it common to get an oil leak where the breather housing spacer meets the block? Is there a gasket I need to replace and do I have to pull the carbs to do it? Thanks.
  11. S

    coolant leak

    hi guys, its the golden shower bike, i replaced my water pump seals and bearing as i was getting crap in the coolant, all fixed, now i seem to be getting abit of leakage from the breather cover (in the middle of the V). im seriously pissed as i forgot replaced the gaskets for the...
  12. H

    Fuel leaking through breather hole on number 3

    Hello, I have been rejetting my carbies and now they are back together I am getting fuel leaking out of the breather on number 3. I think it is caused by the needle and seat. They are clean and I swapped the needle from 3 to 4 and 3 still leaks. Does this mean the seat is screwed? Is there...
  13. 94 V-Max Rider

    Vent Cap Installation

    My brother purchased a billet vent cap cover from Python Motorsports for his 2007 Max. In a rush to install the his new cover, he failed to realize that the Python cover fits over the stock vent cap and is held in place with a set screw. In his rush, he removed the stock vent cap and destroyed...
  14. cgswss

    tech help-oil from breather tube

    This is a new to me '97 v-max with 20,000 miles. I have put about 300 miles on the bike. Yesterday I mounted a windshield and last night I did a bit of spited riding. It was hot here -min 90s Put about 100 mile on bike most at high speed (70-90) This morning I noticed a small pool of liquid...
  15. jedi-

    Crankcase breather covers

    Here's the first one as an example of what's being made right now. Made from stainless and polished, I'm probably going to etch a "V4" logo on them or most of them. Although stainless is a difficult material to work with you can't beat it for a trouble free surface as it won't corrode and can...
  16. S

    crank case breather

    I just bought my vmax not too long ago and I noticed it has 4 K&n filters and the oil cap has a breather hose going up to a plastic canister and it feeds into the filters. I was wondering what this is for because most other vmaxs don't have it and I kinda wanna take it off if i can.
  17. D

    Final drive breather

    Is the Gen1 Vmax final drive breather a screw in or push in type?
  18. midmoraider

    Morley muscle kit breather hose

    Hey all, just had a question about Sean's muscle kit. Is the crankcase breather hose absolutely necessary? I'm just worried about the hose leaking and wonder how much hp does installing it really get. I am getting ready to order from Sean and just want to make sure on this part of it. Thanks.
  19. 06VMAXIMUS

    Crankcase Breather

    Thinking out loud here: I know that with the stage seven and Morley carb kits, that you add a tee into the stock breather and run a hose into the oil fill. The benefit gained is to add extra venting to the crankcase to help with ring sealing. What benefits (if any) would be had to adding this to...
  20. V

    Crankcase breather & K&N Air filters

    I have K&N air filters, the crankcase breather canister or oil/air seperater is connected to the front two air filters with rubber lines. Two larger lines come up from the crankcase and plug into the bottom of the breather canister. I started investigating this because of oil around the carbs...