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  1. Itgoes

    Buying a VMax In Canada and Bringing it Across the Border

    I'm about to do that. Anyone know exactly what I'll face at the border with the bike on the trailer? I assume there will be several forms to fill out. I also just read the the bike needs to have the stock exhaust on it because they'll be looking for EPA and DOT markings. If anyone that...
  2. Jpick77

    A must when bringing home a new bike to the stable!!!

    Well this is actually my first post other than introducing myself. About 2 weeks ago I finally took the plunge and purchased a Vmax. I had always wanted one and had been browsing for some time. Well, I pulled the trigger and made a 4 1/2 hr trip one way to pick her up. I actually purchased the...
  3. Traumahawk

    Bringing back from the dead award

    Is there a "bringing back from the dead" award? There are several people on the forum that are probably deserving of this award...if there is one. Several people have bought Vmax's that they probably shouldnt have, and instead of parting them out...spent a lot of time, money, and effort, and...
  4. D

    Questions about bringing an 85 back to life...

    Let me preface this by saying this sight is great and I've found a lot of useful information so far! OK, so here's my situation.... 85 vmax that's been sitting for 8-12 years. The good? It's been garage kept this entire time AND it's free (it was my Dad's, he doesn't ride anymore). I know this...
  5. Lotsokids

    Bringing my V-Max overseas - What parts should I bring?

    I'll be moving to Hungary in about a week. I just got a "green light" and decided to bring my 1985 V-Max. I'll have NO availability to get parts over there. My company will fly me and my family home to the U.S. every year, though. We'll be over there for a total of about 3 years or longer. My...
  6. Rusty McNeil

    Talk about bringing out the baser instincts

    Talking lady; she'll say anything you want her to say.