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  1. Zeus36

    Brazilian Motorcycle Cops Helmet cams catching the bad guys!

    I usually watch videos of bikes getting away from the cops. This is from the police POV: Part 1. Part 2. Video quality is not great, but I found these enjoyable to watch.
  2. Barry barker

    Venture Cams for a core

    Anyone need these? $35.00 delivered to the lower 48. Thanks, 501-520-8211 Yes, i bought out an inventory of Vmax parts and i need to make room in the garage. I am also building another Vmax. Yee Haw!!
  3. rebeltaz83

    aftermarket cams?

    just a thought rolling around in my head, but i was wondering if anybody knows if aftermarket cams are available for the vmax gen 1. shorter lift with a longer duration, so i can possibly get 12,000 rpms or more out of the engine, the 9,000 just doesn't seem like enough. seems i could get 11,000...
  4. srk468

    Degreeing cams?

    I couldn't find anything in a search, how do you guys degree the cams (with a degree wheel) with slotted sprockets? Gonna be doing one eventually and just wanted to get the process down. Thanks! Sent from my ADR6425LVW using Tapatalk 2
  5. NHVmaxpower

    HD action cams SICK!!!! & CHEAP

    Guys check out these new cams.. Blow away the go pro & all the others. More $ than the Emerson 1/2 the cost of the Go pro. Type in this code as typed PED-DEPT-SL for a 5% discount on your camera. 2 options 2 different lenses (WIDE ANGLE) (NORMAL)pic in pic cd software etc. Check them out heres...
  6. Rusty McNeil

    Cams, who has 'em?

    Need advice or observations. Who here is running cams bigger than stock? With Mikuni carbs? And with Vboost eliminated (stage 7) or open all the time. Reason I ask is because I got the bike running really good at this point but no matter what I've done I can't get a happy idle that is pop...
  7. SpecOps13

    Are all Cams Equal?????

    I don't mean lift or duration. I mean adjustment or clearance wise. I ran a compression check on my 89 several months ago. The cylinders measured 220-230 (My 94 was 150-160) with basically no leak down from that. Then I did all the wiring upgrades on the 89 to have a better hot start. That...
  8. R

    WTB 97 to 01 V-Max cams and springs

    Hi V-Max guys, I am new here and recently bought a naked 1996 Royal Star and need advice on how to wake it up. I heard that V-Max cams and springs will really help so need some advice on what to buy and where to buy. I did put Jardine 4 pipe exhaust and a Dyna 3000 and they helped but the bike...
  9. Rusty McNeil

    Cams, heads

    Does anyone know if the .428 cams are going to be a big difference from the .380 on the street, driveability, noticebale difference in idle, loss of "low end friendliness" etc..............???? See my "Motor Work" post for what engine it's going in, Essentially it's about as radical as you...
  10. Theemax

    Stage 2 cams?!?!

    Looking at a max with stage 7, Dale Walker 4 to 2, and stage 2 cams. How much difference is there between stock cams and the stage 2, and what would the approximate fuel mileage be with this setup?:confused2:
  11. joelyons50023

    Stock cams info

    I know that this question has been asked before but i was just wanting to know about the stock cams timing specs and lifts also the rod length. And also sean you said that thou can be milled from the block is that for the lip of the sleve to make it b/c i think that is gonna be the route that...
  12. RagingMain

    High Comp Piston, Big Cams and Dyna Ign???

    Hey guys, I have a 1300 conv by Sean. We have the ported heads, 12:1 pistons with stage 3 cams. Thing already runs like a raped ape, but I miss the advance I had with my Dyna. I dont thrash the bike, just use it as my daily driver. So do you all think it would be safe to put the Dyna back...
  13. nicas

    Timing intake, exhaust cams

    Do anybody know when stock intake/exhaust cams should theoretically open/close valve, before/after top dead centre (TDC) in degrees? I can?t find this info in manual.
  14. RagingMain

    New Cams & A/F mixture

    Howdy Guys. Just installed a new set of cams. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience on what to expect for the A/F mix??? I know I need to take it to the dyno and get it dialed in, I am just wondering what to expect so I know how to tune for the new cams. Cheers
  15. Jayhawk

    Bike cams

    I'm gettin' a hankerin' for a bike/helmet camera. There's a ton of them on the market, but does anyone here have a recommendation based on real-world experience?
  16. 1

    new cams

    forget the members name ..he was going to make some cams for the max..his own cam design ....just wondering if anybody herd anything about these super duper cams :biglaugh:
  17. shawn kloker

    Web cams

    My cams came today.Thank God! Everything is here now to put the bike back together and get it to a dyno in a few weeks.I'm taking friday off.Can't wait.I also want to thank Rod @ Pro Chassie Racing for letting me work in his shop and for all the help.Can't wait to run the heads he ported too!