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  1. J

    Gen 2 Carbon Clutch

    Anyone used the Barnett Kevlar or Carbon Clutch Plates? Getting Ready to do the ,(add a spring) Clutch Mod. Thinking about ordering the Carbon, Carbon works awesome for Airplane brakes, no experience with it on clutches? Sent from my Z983 using Tapatalk
  2. F

    Carbon Version

    Hi All, I’ve recently bought my 1st V-Max and it’s a 2000 Carbon version. Love the bike but the finish of the ‘carbon’ is a bit faded to say the least and the rear fender is scuffed where a tail pack or tool roll has been. Any ideas how to revive this finish. I don’t really want to spray...
  3. rick67ca

    Refinish gen 1 carbon fiber look pieces

    Hello, I have the gen 1 carbon fiber look fenders and faux tank. All three are very faded. I would like to refinish them. Most web searches for refinishing c.f. just note light sanding of the clearcoat and then applying new clearcoat. Does anyone here have helpful tips for this process?
  4. B

    HMF Carbon 4-2

    Hey everyone, I recently came across a guy who has a compete set of HMF Carbon exhaust. I wasn't able to find much info regarding HMF and what the pipes were like for the vmax (I might also be terrible at using the forum search function haha) but they sure do look nice, and a couple of the...
  5. maxcruiser

    Looking for Carbon Fiber Outer Sleeves

    I have dual HMF cans on my exhaust. The outer sleeve is made of aluminum and since a need to take them apart to repack them, I was hoping to change the outer sleeves to carbon fiber. I have been searching the internet and found very little sources for this product or what I have found is...
  6. BorgBiker

    2002 Carbon Fiber Look Tank/airbox Cover and fender -SOLD-

    I'm selling some Vmax stuff that's taking up space in the garage. I'm selling this ALMOST perfect 2002 Vmax "Faux Tank"/ airbox cover in Carbon Fiber look. I replaced it with Exactrep's real CF piece and no longer need it. It is is good shape, no dents, only one small and one tiny ding (see...
  7. P

    Carbon fiber parts

    Cleaning my spare parts stock.... Real carbon fiber radiator covers (do NOT fit with frame bars other than Over ones) brand new from Over Racing from Japan : $140 delivered USA 48. PayPal...
  8. ColoNat

    ISO Front Fender - Carbon Fiber

    2001 in need of a correct front fender. Let me know what you have, pics please. thanks!
  9. ColoNat

    WTB / ISO Front Fender - Carbon Fiber

    2001 in need of a carbon fiber front fender in good condition. Let me know what you have and pics, please.
  10. henrysgmc

    Looking for a Stock set Carbon Fiber Tins

    Looking for a complete stock set of Carbon Fiber tins. (front fender - Cover - Front Fender) Send pics to 845-283-6593 Thanks
  11. vmax2extreme


    I have NIB Yamaha OEM FAUX TANK Cover for '99-'02 (carbon fiber) Part Number: Yamaha 3LR-2171A-00-00 $300 (retail $450)
  12. VMax-Mike

    Carbon fiber helmet for sale -SOLD-
  13. TB99Max

    Two brothers carbon slip on

    It was on the bike when i bought it and I don't care for the looks. It should fit most 4-1 exhaust systems. It's 18.5" long can and 2.25" inlet. Kind of beat up. $30 plus shipping. **** NEW PRICE $20 PLUS SHIPPING *****
  14. E

    Tyga carbon fiber tank cover

    Correction: Tyga (damn auto correct) $120 shipped. Minor crack by the top of cover where it butts up to gauge cluster. This is covered by the rubber seal and not visible when installed. Otherwise it's new and flawless.
  15. E

    Brand new Carbon Fiber tank cover $140 shipped -SOLD-

    For sale is a brand new tyga performance carbon fiber tank cover. $140 shipped anywhere in USA. Retail is $156 plus 30 shipping if you bought direct from tyga. I decided to have go a different route with stock body work. PM for PayPal account info.
  16. Redbone

    New Helmet: Bell Star Carbon

    I just picked up a new helmet from a Michigan vendor Sport Bike Track Gear. A new year old helmet with a 50% price reduction due to a stock reduction sale I walked out their door with 3xl Bell Star Carbon special edition William Dunlop replica for $380, originally priced at $699! I had tried on...
  17. retrostude

    01 carbon look rear fender wanted

    I would like to find a carbon-look rear fender in good condition to replace the one on my 01, which is very ratty. Thanks- John D
  18. S

    First attempt with 100% carbon fibre.

    Not perfect but will only be seen through the vents on the sides of the dummy tank. Made 'angle' to support the morley type filter.
  19. rusty

    2015 Carbon Vmax

    Read all the comments:biglaugh:
  20. M

    Question for the carb gurus out there!

    Damned auto correct, I ment carb gurus!! I've been reading and learning alot on the forum about my new to me 05 20th anniversary edition. Thanks to all of you. As I have started to modify/dissasemble/clean her during the off season, I removed the airbox lid to find the stock air...