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  1. Kronx

    Challenge: Try not to smile while watching this video...

    I tried... I failed.... and I've realized I need to see more videos like this on my daily feed. Hope you fail on this too! :)
  2. Biker Dash

    Ice Bucket Challenge

    Ok, when I got tagged by three different friends to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, I decided that I was gonna do it as only that crazy MoFo Biker Dash could do it... (mainly because I am the only one too stupid to do it this way lol) SEAN!!!! YOU HAVE BEEN NOMINATED...
  3. DMAN999

    The 15 Best U.S. Roads Motorcycle Challenge

    The 15 Best U.S. Roads Motorcycle Challenge - Rider Magazine I would Love to able to do this Challenge. I have ridden a few of these roads (the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Tail of the Dragon, the...
  4. S

    Burt munroe challenge nz

    Pics of the trip to invercargil Cannot seem to get more than 1 pic
  5. ninjaneer

    "wheel within a wheel" challenge

    Tired of the surfing the Net the same old boring way? Well here you go--a twist on the classic method. Enjoy.
  6. tothemax93

    first challenge

    So all my kids were preoccupied with 4th of july stuff, I figured This would be a good time for me to get a ride in on my Vmax. I live in the Buffalo NY area so I took a nice senic ride along the Niagara river. I started along the 190 through buffalo to the robert Moses parkway in Niagara falls...
  7. R

    Wraith -> photoshop challenge!

    what a bike , eh "take me to your leader.."
  8. Waylander

    A challenge!

    To all you'se out there who are far better at making your own mods then I. A mate of mine down here is trying to sell his VMax cause he likes to ride quik when carrying a pillion. (passenger) Hard thing to do on a Vmax without a sissybar but he hates the look of them when only one person...