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  1. V

    Fixed New Chrome Progressive Motorcycle Shocks for sale

    Brand new chrome set (still in box) of Progressive Motorcycle Shocks. Model # 412-4207C Shocks are 12 1/2 in length and brand new! Call 570 498-9308 or email [email protected] with any questions or offers. I also have a Chrome rear grab bar for sale for1985 to 2008 Vmax asking $200 or best offer...
  2. V

    Fixed New Chrome Plated rear grab bar for Vmax, never mounted, new cond..

    It Just got back from plating. New grab bar for Yamaha Vmax. Triple plated with show chrome and in new condition. I just mounted it on my Vmax build ,but I decided to go with a 300 rear tire and this grab bar wont fit with the widened fender. I had it mounted on the bike for only a few minutes...
  3. E

    Anyone know where I can get chrome Master Cylinder Cover and the one for the other si

    Mine are a little scratched up from a screwdriver...
  4. woodsman30

    Question about black chrome

    Does anyone know who does black chroming ??? I would like some parts black chromed just need to figure out who does this any info would help. thanks
  5. rebar

    Chrome or ceramic kerker

    Which finish do you guys prefer on your kerker header?
  6. rebar

    Chrome tachometer cover?

    What are the options on this plastic cover? Does anyone chrome them? Or are my two choices paint or carbon fiber? Thanks
  7. dannymax

    Chrome spider

    My wife just found this thing in her flower garden, anybody ever seen anything like it? Shiny as chrome, 4 thin black stripes down the body and dark green legs. Wierd looking thing!! Sorry for the lousy pics! :bang head:
  8. N

    Bar search

    Hi, I'm looking for some new bars for my old max which I'm slowly doing up... Currently the bars are great (i.e. height/width) though they don't look any good and I'm currently using what I think are motorcross bars (or similar). They measure 800mm across (i.e. 32inches). Does anyone know of...
  9. D

    1985 w/cracked chrome on forks

    I have inherited a 1985 Vmax from my cousin which needs work, some cosmetic and some mechanical. My first major issue is what to do with the front end. Prior to my owning this the bike the forks were straightened but I see one of the tubes has radial cracks in the chrome plating. My cheapest...
  10. R

    Ronin's new VMAX 2009 with new aliminium chrome parts.

    Hello this is my new instalations !
  11. gamorg02

    "Highly Polished" knee guards!
  12. A

    Chrome or Polish

    Hey all, wanted to start doing some mods to the bike and want to start with the scoops. Am contimplating either chroming them or polishing them...Any body have any thoughts as to which looks better orr if polishing the scoops turns out to be a pita after a while..Thanks

    Where can I get those chrome caps

    I just had a HandGrab chromed and Sean told me that I need to get a chrome plug that fits into the open space where the bolts go intot he handgrab mounting wholes. Can they be go at any local auto parts store ?? wwould appreciaetd th help Thanks Ron
  14. V

    Black to chrome

    Has anyone tried to tried to remove the black powder coating off their stock mufflers? Coming off in a couple of small spots and looks to be chromed under it. Thanks.
  15. 4gasem

    Yamaha scoop vinyl inlays?

    OK I am almost certain these people were out of Wisconsin but I don't have their info anymore and I will need a set of black inlays for my new scoop. Anyone know have info on them?
  16. one2dmax

    Muscle Chrome Exchange

    Please post pics of your Muscle Chrome equipped bikes here! Muscle Part Number – Part Description - Price with your parts shipped direct - (Price with my exchange parts (must be good condition with minor scratches allowed)) ADD 12% to the price for environmental fees (after Feb 1 this will be...
  17. ams21ams

    IE Loads Slow-Go Chrome!

    OK. I always thought that the Vboost powering this site was just slow, other sites' pages load no problem.......... Apologies to!!! :punk: I just downloaded the new Chrome version of Internet Explorer. Holy Shit what a difference!!! No more waiting for pages to...
  18. L

    Chrome clutch lever?

    Does anyone know where I can get a chrome clutch lever. My 2000 max has a chrome front brake lever the previous owner said it fell over and he replaced the clutch lever with a stock unit. Will a older venture lever work I think some of them were chrome.
  19. kozy

    dead chrome

    So I took the engine guards off my bike and I'm going to sell them. Before I sell them though, I need to figure out wtf happened to the left one.....the chrome is seemingly gone. I used some chrome polish and that didn't bring it back to it's shiny state like the right side one is. See attached...
  20. vmax190

    chrome frame braces

    i ordered my frame braces over 3 weeks ago from exactrep, and the money has already been withdrawn, did it take any body else this long to receive something from them:ummm: