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  1. M

    DynoJet Power Commander V

    I have a 2014 Vmax . Looking to put on a delkevic exhaust that is a cat delete. I have a K&N filter that I will be doing the air box mod. I have the exup valve servo eliminator . Do I need to purchase this Dynojet Power commander to make my bike run better? Is it easy to set it up myself or do...
  2. D

    Michellin Commander 2 tires? Dynabeads?

    So, my tires are shot. Currently looking at ME888 tires and Michellin Commander 2 tires The Commander 2s have STELLAR reviews everywhere I look and it even looks like they offer the 110/90/18 size now on multiple known sites! I'm thinking the best sizes (correct me if I'm wrong) would...
  3. G


    Hey guys , I'm just getting into fueling my Yamaha bikes for performance exhaust , WR250 , FZ1 and the Vmax . The first bike I'm doing is the 2014 WR250r , I picked up a Graves full system for that bike , seems power commander has 2 different PC units one with Autotune and with out . I have been...
  4. T

    Michelin Commander 150/90H-15 Rear Tire

    Morning all, Has anyone tried these for the Max? If so, are they shaped like a more like a sport bike type radial? How is the handling on them etc? I am about due for new rubber and would like something I can take sharper turns with at higher speeds but don't have the money to do the...
  5. vmax2extreme

    Michelin Commander II's?

    170/80-15 Michelin Commander II Rear Tire-190-879751 Has anyone tried these on a stock wheel? Do they fit? How do they handle over the Metzler ME880 ($180) or Shinko Tourmasters ($85)? Chaparral has them for about $140 shipped. Thinking of my options since my rear shinko is almost...
  6. B

    Michelin commander ii

    Has anyone try this tire on their stock rear rim yet ? and what front should i match with ? I know this is bias tire, but from the photo it looks some what curved like radial tire ?? can I match this with radial front ??
  7. allthrottleFZ1

    Power Commander V on E-bay

    Power Commander V new sealed in the box E-bay item #110394704497 $239.95 shipped. I got mine!:punk: Only Three left. Philip
  8. Builder

    Michelin Commander RADIAL front and back in stock sizes? is this true?

    In the past I read number of articles on how to install radial tires on VMAX, which were involved changing the rims,... an expensive painful process. That had to be done since there were no radial tires made for the bike on stock sizes (110/90V 18" and 150/90V 15") I was just trying to order a...
  9. MAXXMAN93-4301

    power commander install

    here is a link to the star vmax site showing the procedure to wire a r1 pcIII to the new v max:punk:
  10. Rusty McNeil

    Dyno-jet wideband commander