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  1. maleko89

    Chic Delta wire connectors

    I have yet to try these but seem pretty cool. Solder-less. I can hold my own soldering but that doesn’t mean I like to lol. Mark Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. shawnlee

    wiring harness connectors

    I pulled mky 01 vmax motor out of the frame to repaint. That turned out great. What didn't is the fact that I am having a LITTLE problem making sure all the connectors are properly connected:ummm: Someone once took pictures step by step of a complete carb tear down and rebuild,which I have...
  3. G

    Electrical connectors....

    Not sure if you guys have ever played with these.... but they're solder seal heat shrink connectors. They work fantastic. Twist together two wires, put the connector over them... heat gun or lighter. Boom it works without issues. The solder is low enough temp that it tins both wires and...
  4. redneksoldier

    Terminals and connectors

    I am looking for some wire terminals that go into the oe plastic wiring harness plugs as well as the ones that go into the Ignitech plug. I may need to purchase some of the plastic connectors as well. Anybody have a source for those things?
  5. S

    Clutch master cylinder connectors

    Will the bike function if those two connectors are unplugged?
  6. davidon

    Furukawa connectors

    Anyone know how to remove wires from one of these connectors?
  7. Walker

    Electrical connectors

    Anyone know a good place to find some of the stock style male electrical crimp connectors? Radio Shack?
  8. dannymax

    COP's with connectors & wire.

    Looking for some COP's with connectors and wire.
  9. 88vmx12

    connectors Anyone?

    Just thought I would share with all of you my latest connector order. Just over 5,000 connectors mostly for Yamaha's :punk: G
  10. marko62ss

    Connectors by battery

    Hey guys, took the cover off the beast today since its so warm here. went to install the battery since removing it last fall and i find that i cant remember how the connections go by the battery "the orange and white plugs" I have a manual ordered but its going to take a few to come in.:bang head:
  11. 88vmx12

    electrical connectors

    Hey guys I am wanting to buy a few misc connectors from my supplier, however, I do not have enough to make my minimum. Is there any of you that need a special connector for you Vmax or something. Please email me a picture and hopefully there will be enough of you to get my order complete...
  12. Jaoteay

    Sweet Red connectors

    I saw a pic of somebody's 2006 bike here where they had red wires/connectors/tubing ?? running through their bike to replace the black ones. Anyone know who's it is and which wires they replaced? (and cost would be nice too) Thanks!
  13. davidon

    Electrical connectors

    Where can you get the small connectors (the ones which fit in the 6 or 9 pin blocks)?
  14. firefly

    electrical connectors

    I thought this is a good site to have a link to for hard to find connectors used in the stock harness. ________ Ford Zephyr engine picture