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  1. Fire-medic

    how I spent a couple days

    I disassembled and cleaned/rebuilt a set of carbs. The enrichener plungers were very-sticky, but overnight in PB Blaster and they surrendered. I use an ultrasonic bath and a soda blaster, and whatever won't fully-release gets scotchbrite pad work and/or a bench grinder wire wheel. I hope to...
  2. cyclehoarder

    Couple of shots from Kentucky Kickdown Vintage Show

    Buddy of mine captured a couple of good shots of my bike from the Kentucky Kickdown Vintage bike show this weekend, killer show!! Great time'
  3. dannymax

    Some old gold cruisin' music plus a couple sweeties
  4. mckzx9

    Couple of new treats for my baby

    Installed the Fatmax belly pan , chromed scoops, dyna 3000, and a muscle seat. I think I'm Done for a few weeks then gonna find something else to add. I really like the chrome scoops so I'm gonna get a bunch of things chromed after the riding season is over. The weather is starting to get...
  5. C

    Trooper runs down motorcyclist couple.
  6. D

    Thank you and a couple questions

    Let me start off by saying how appreciative I am of this website. I purchased a 1988 Vmax a couple weeks back that was in great condition. I've had many questions since my purchase and most have been answered with quick use of the search bar. I've been riding the bike for a couple weeks now...
  7. Sonoran6

    Couple quick questions

    What are the cylinder numbers? Front left _ Rear left _ Front right _ Rear right _ When I give it gas and totally let off, like a rev at idle to 4k, it slowly goes back to 1k like I'm backing off the throttle instead of completely letting off. Does this mean I am running rich? The reason I'm...


    i .. THIS IS HOW I ROLL ! . :biglaugh: .:punk:
  9. C

    ZX14 with a couple shots a new Vmax at the track
  10. RaWarrior

    Couple chain q's

    Know this is a moot point for vmax owners, but sure some of you have or do own chain drive bikes... The original chain on my Z is on it's last legs. Its nearing 24k miles. The rollers are blued from heat and it's got a couple stiff links that start to complain after 2-300 miles without lube...
  11. CaptainKyle

    Couple pics from Nashville

    Here are a couple pics of some bikes in nashville & a cool old building.
  12. M

    couple problems with my new v max

    I have an 05 v max. It runs pretty rich, sometimes has a slight hesitation when you gap it wide open on the road( at cruising speeds of 65-80) the plugs seamed a lil black so put new ones in and didn't help at all. The bike has a jet kit ( before me no idea what size) k&n, and a UFO street pro...
  13. C

    Got a couple of Aprilla cans....

    These were given to me by a Friend at work. He asked me if I wanted them and I said sure, they came off of His Aprilla and I am very impressed with the quality they are made of. These things are friggin works of art and now I'm thinking..... I have a friend who fabs Trophy trucks (100hp Baja...
  14. The Beekeeper

    Made a couple of passes today

    Went down to Martin 131 today with Leecifer and my neighbor Joe, tho I had made hundreds of passes in my car over the years this was my 1st run on a bike, drove around the water box with no burnout and did a quick dry hop sending the front wheel a couple of feet in the air!...........This track...
  15. J

    Newbie here has a couple of questions.

    Hi I'm Bret from the Dallas/Fort worth area. Texass Tornado is a good buddy of mine. I bought his 2000 V-Max last week. Now to the question I have read most of the threads on the R1/R6 RR fix. My question being. Is this mod for a 2000? Is this something that should be done? The crimp wire? The...
  16. zippo6

    Couple questions

    A couple questions for the group: - What type/brand of grease is recommended for the axles? Front and rear. I'm going to have both wheels off this week, so figure I might as well lube them up! - I need to swap my rotors (both front and rear) over to new wheels, I've read from different...
  17. CustomMax

    A couple issues before roadworthy

    I had issues that I had to deal with over the winter and now that I put everything back together, first, after putting the rear wheel back on its leaking from between the wheel and the rear drive assembly. Second, the clutch lever need to be "pumped up" after sitting before it works, and oh yea...
  18. 2fear

    A couple small monkey bites.

    Got a chance this weekend to add a couple small cosmetic mods, added the small alum blinkers I got from Sean, small LED tail light I got from and the Extrap Vstacks I got from Mr Pickles. It sure tightened the bike up a little, and I swear the Vstacks added 10 hp.:biglaugh...
  19. j2dawson

    A new owner with a couple questions...

    I've been lurking here for a couple years while searching for a Vmax and bought one tonight, a '93. I haven't even picked it up yet (5 hour drive Tuesday) and I have a couple questions. The bike has a Corbin seat on it but I have my choice between it and the stock seat. The seller won't include...