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  1. Mr. Max

    Cranks properly on second or third try only

    Hi, I have some issues with my bike, year 2013. When I start the bike with cold engine, with first try the motor won't crank properly, I believe it turns over but very slow and it makes weird sound compared to normal cranking sound. Kind a like battery is running low voltage. Then power off and...
  2. Fire-medic

    Nembo-Italian streetbike, cyl head below the crank

    An upside-down, original design streetbike engine, mounted in a one-off (well, two-off) frame, and yours for a reported $300K! Made in Italy, and like nothing you've ever seen as a motorcycle, I'd bet.
  3. L

    bad noises from crank case

    2000, stock, 35k miles, So here's what happened..... bike ran fine Friday on the way to work. About 2 miles from work it sounded like I had an exhaust heat shield vibrating some where near the front of the engine. By the time I got to work it was definitely not a loose exhaust noise. It sounds...
  4. M

    Crank bearing

    Rebulding the engine and need to repace crank bearings. I'm reading J1 J2 J3 J4 on the crank 2332 and on the case just one number 3. Guess that means 3 for all For all case journals. If i do the calculation i would get 0 for J2 J3 bearings . What color should I use ?
  5. 9

    Cracked Crankcase. Now what?

    Hi guys, I am new to the forum and the Vmax as well. I got a hold of an 85 Vmax with 24K miles that had been sitting for at least 6 years. I spent the last two months rebuilding the carbs, brake cylinders, clutch cylinders and fuel system. I finally got it running again, and on the maiden...
  6. V

    won't crank

    I've got an 04 VMax, never had any issues, had it since new. Yesterday jumped on it and hit the start switch and everything went dead. Started trouble shooting the key switch, hot wired it and now when I hit the starter, it doesn't crank but the tach climbs to 6 grand. Anyone else had this...
  7. J

    90 no crank click click issue

    My 90 is not cranking after starter clutch replace. Ive replaced solenoid and rebuilt the starter with no luck. I installed a new battery and same thing. I did get the starter to crank over the bike very very slow a couple times. I disassembled the starter clutch to make sure I had it all...
  8. M

    98 V max won't crank

    So I took the battery out of my 98 v-max last fall, charged it and put it in my heated basement on a wood block. Took it out last week, charged it at 2 amps overnight and threw it in my v max. Went to start it, lights came on, but no vboost sound and nothing else happened. Made sure it was in...
  9. rdbul

    Stiff Crank

    Could anyone tell me how much torque it takes to roll a crank with the spark plugs removed by the end that is under the cap on the stator cover? Mine is very tough to turn.
  10. T

    Question about lubrication - Magnacharger crank adapter

    Hello, I was just looking at a thread on here from a few years ago. One2dmax posted a really helpful message with pictures showing the Magnacharger crank adapter. Pictures duplicated below... I'm just curious as to how you maintain adequate lubrication, because I know that on a...
  11. M

    Intermittent no crank issue

    Hey guys I hope this question hasn't been asked too much but this problem is really starting to get on my nerves. My bike is a 90 model that I just bought a couple months ago. I replaced the battery immediately after I bought it bc the shipper that delivered it left the key switch in tail light...
  12. S

    left side crank case leak

    I noticed the crankcase cover on the left side was dripping oil. I ordered and replaced the O-ring and the large gasket, but still have a oil leak, and when I pull the cover off it looks like its coming from the center area. Does anybody have a suggestion or recommendation of what else to check.
  13. J

    Great headlight mod, crank the bike without the headlight

    "Ever get stuck with too little juice in the battery to start your bike? Ever find yourself in a parade and want to run without the headlight on? This brilliantly designed control system allows you to crank the bike without the headlight drawing unnecessary power from the starter. When you...
  14. johnpclynch

    Crank bearing size calculation

    I have a worn crank bearing that I want to replace, how do you know what part to order?? Luckily this one had some green left on one side so I knew it was a size 4 It's also easy to calculate from the markings and stamps as follows Take the frame markings (on one of the front bosses) and...
  15. VMax-Mike

    bushmill's labatt and 4 crank seal's

    I bought some bushmill's and a 6pk of labatt's 4 crank seal's and some window screen. Im hoping to have 4 velocity stack screens for $24.00 plus booze. LOL.
  16. M

    Crank and rod bearing size

    Hi, Seen allot of questions about crank, rod bearing size and is wondering what size(in mm) is those different color codes. I'm doing a rebuild of my Vmax engine to support turbo :) Anyone that know? Regards marntzen
  17. S

    crank case breather

    I just bought my vmax not too long ago and I noticed it has 4 K&n filters and the oil cap has a breather hose going up to a plastic canister and it feeds into the filters. I was wondering what this is for because most other vmaxs don't have it and I kinda wanna take it off if i can.
  18. S

    Need crank bearing help!

    Hey guys, I also need help with this on my friend's 2001. I can't for the life of me figure this out because it seems like I end up needing one 7 set of bearings, and those dont exist apparently. Any help would be appreciated! Looking at the oil filter with the pan as it would sit on the...
  19. bazwell

    Anyone got a pic of the crank gear timing mark?

    I can see a timing mark on the balance shaft, but I can't see one on the crank gear. The genuine and aftermarket manual I've got don't have any good pics. There is white paint on one of the teeth. I scraped it off a bit but couldn't see an indent.:ummm:
  20. R

    Routing Crank Ventilation

    Can anyone show me or explain how the vent line on k&n individual filters tie into the fill cap? Pictures would be nice.