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  1. S

    coolant drain valve confusion

    Getting ready to change coolant. Started searching for how-to's since the service manual pics leave something to be desired. Came across a pic online that says the position shown is for draining the radiator...which is interesting because that's the position it is in right now. Bike runs fine...
  2. D

    Coolant Res. drain hose leak.

    Aloha guys. Well, I just rebuilt the motor and it was running fine. On the first ride, saw the weep hole was leaking....so i rebuilt the water pump. Weep hole is good now. Filled her up with coolant and started her up. Got her hot and fan kicked on. I noticed some coolant on the ground right...
  3. racerboy

    2007 Vmax coolant drain cock

    Disregard, Figured it out da-herk!!
  4. bkuberek

    Coolant leaking from drain valve

    Hello, My vmax started leaking coolant from the drain valve and I was wondering if there is anything special about fixing it. If I take it apart what will I need to put it back together? Thanks
  5. D

    Oil Drain Cracked

    Changed the oil today 2002 VMax to find this when reinstalling the plug. Didn't torc it hard. Had a small drip tightened a bit and felt stripped. Any suggestion for a easy fix?
  6. D

    Carb Drain Screw

    So, I made the mistake of leaving my bike sitting, sad I know but Uncle Sam called, for two months without putting any fuel stabilizer into the gas. Came back two months later, and the bike will turn over but not start up. Made worse by the 30 degree weather outside, though it is...


  8. D-Max2012

    Coolant Drain Valve

    Is there anyway to repair the stock drain petcock valve? I have a 91 and the PO did not care for the bike properly, so this has been a work in progress. No matter where I turn this, it still drips coolant after the bike has cooled down. I see that there is a little mark on the housing. I...
  9. ga_max

    Oil Drain Bolt Question

    I'm changing my oil for the first time since I've owned the bike and noticed that the drain bolt has a screw tapped in the center of it. The question is why ? Also the PO did not install the washer on top of the spring for the oil filter so I'm off to the dealer to get the washer. More in gas...
  10. mabdcmb@yahoo.com

    Another use for drain cleaner

    I've got a quad in the garage with a host of issues. One of which is a damaged oil cooler. I started taking the oil lines off the cooler and ran into a problem. One of the lines would NOT come off. I could budge it just a bit but no further. After heat, acetone and atf mix, a bench vise and...
  11. Tommygun4u

    Help! Fuel leaking from drain screw

    Hello. Great forum!!! First time posting here, hope correct spot. Anyway, I have small amount of fuel leaking from the drain screw on my left side rear carb. Is there an o-ring that goes on the screw? Or is my bowl flooded? Just bought the bike and learning. My Y on airbox is missing causing it...
  12. lawman504

    Magnetic Oil Drain Plug

    I have read on here somewhere about why to get a magnetic oil drain plug. Getting ready to do the spin on oil filter mod and figure now is the time to get this done as well. What size is that plug and where is the best place to get one from? I tried to search for that post I read before but I...
  13. Sidecarjohn

    Horn & Battery drain ?

    Previously followed the thread on fitting alternative horn. Led to my fitting a very acceptably loud, budget horn. More than once it has gained the attention of myopic, cell phone idiots, so well satisfied. The fitting issue wasn't quite as dramatic as for other guys because due to the Max...
  14. jagco1

    Carb drain broke off, repair fix.

    I broke off 1 of the carbs drain spout, To fix it - I drill out the back off the drain with a small drill bit. I install a silicone hose size 5/32" and wire tied so I don't pull through the drain plate holder. And extended all drain hoses about 5.5" to hang out so don't spill any gas on the...
  15. WonkoTheSane

    Fuel sender o-ring and drain bolt washer

    I found a fuel leak, and after cleaning things up tracked it down to the fuel level sensor. Interestingly, it's something the Haynes manual includes checking for every 4000 miles. Tried tweaking the screws tighter, which slowed the leak a little (already very slow) but a little paranoid about...
  16. C

    Fumoto Oil Drain Valves

    Does anybody have any good or bad thoughts about using Fumoto oil drain valves in the Vmax 1200 ? They sell the 14mm x 1.5 pitch version.
  17. WonkoTheSane

    Replacement drain cock assembly

    I have a badly corroded drain cock assembly (Yamaha part no. 1FK-12560-01-00) that's causing a leak after re-assembly. I found this one on ebay: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Yamaha-VMX1200-VMAX-V-Max-2WE-Lower-Metal-Water-Pipe-Drain-/310646307089 But at that price, I'm wondering if it...
  18. P

    Need advice on drain plug issue...

    Hi, I was just about to change oil in my vmax and i tought that I'd buy one of those magnetic drain plugs. The problem is that the old drain plug is longer than the new magnetic one that the dealers gave me. The magnetic drain plug still fits though, should this matter at all? I read...
  19. P

    magnetic drain plug

    Hi, I was just about to change oil in my vmax and i tought that I'd buy one of those magnetic drain plugs. The problem is that the old drain plug is longer than the new magnetic one that the dealers gave me. The magnetic drain plug still fits though, should this matter at all? I read...
  20. C

    Crush Washers: Oil Drain Plug & Gear Box Plug

    Yesterday, I replaced the filter, engine oil and gear oil. Had a new OEM crush washer for the engine plug but not for the gear oil plug (paid about $2.75 at the Yamaha Dealer...ouch !!!). Afterwards, a bit of a leak at the gear drain plug. Tightened a bit more and it seems to have stop...