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  1. Fire-medic

    When the Mod Monkey has your ear

    Something to consider when the Mod Monkey yells into your ear: Beware loud-mouthed guys: Monkeys with smaller testicles roar the loudest to make up for their shortcomings when attracting females Howler monkeys are among the loudest terrestrial animals on the planet Males with larger...
  2. T

    Anyone used the UFO 1.5" caps OR how to reduce ear bleeding from the StreetPro?

    My '03 has the UFO StreetPro 4-2 and it's loud. Like significantly louder than my Buell 1125R, which is the second loudest bike I've ever owned. Like when I'm riding with my buddies, I look in my mirrors and they've drifted back a hundred yards or more and they cry like babies about how loud my...
  3. firefly

    Custom ear plugs

    I used this product before with great results, made a set of ear plugs & inserted headphones in them & a set without headphones, I never ride without ear plugs to protect what's left of my hearing, if done right it cuts at least 80% of wind noise while the one with headphones depending on the...
  4. firefly

    Sniffer Vs trained human ear

    Two weeks ago I decided to try a yamaha dealer closer to were I live, they have a sniffer, the dealer I bought the bike from is the one who did the service since I bought the bike new, I always insisted on one mechanic to do my bike to the point that if he is not in I would wait and go another...