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  1. Zeus36

    Another way to go (cager's fault)

  2. Bill Seward

    It's all your fricken' fault!

    OK, so I get the Max out of hibernation... All is well! Then, someone posts a message about MC Superstore's sale. Ka-Ching! $125.98 for a set of Shinko Tours. (I am impressed just looking at these. Can't wait to mount them!) (on the bike, pervert!) Then, the 120,000 mile-old fork seals...
  3. gleno

    Diagnose This Bike Fault - Skills Test

    OK. Sherlocks. This is a skills test for you petrol heads who want to test their motorcycle fault diagnosing prowess. :ummm: This quizz is based on a true story. I can usually sort out engine problems PDQ but I have just spent two days working on a friend?s Honda CX500 trying to figure out...
  4. naughtyG

    low battery

    I removed my battery today to see if it was weak, since I've been having problems hot starting at times. On the bench, it tested at 10.2V (aargh). I think that says a lot for the COPs - it still starts no problem! It's an Interstate battery, and it used to be a little on the dry side when I...
  5. Rusty McNeil

    Close call at work 15Kv fault...

    I think there's a couple of Electricians on here that this will make sense to. Saturday at work we took down a 15,000 volt feeder to test 5 transformers on a daisy chain feeder and then put them back in service. We were done and putting it back into service. When I threw a 1200 amp...
  6. Buster Hymen

    Charging Fault Finding Flowchart

    The pdf from the electrosport site is attached to this post.