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  1. woodsman30

    Had my fill of new york

    I had my fill of New York I believe I need to relocate thinking about Florida Tampa area. I am a carpenter by trade anybody know how the construction industy is down there?
  2. davidon

    Final drive fill bolt

    Is there an auto seal washer that will work with the bolt or stick with Yama washer? I've tried both alum and copper and still seem to be getting a very small leak after riding.
  3. zippo6

    Do I need to fill the tank?

    Ok, so everyone knows the Max has a small tank.... no surprise there.... Here's my question. I filled up just before I left town to come to work this morning. Traveled 70Km's (46miles) before arriving at work. I wasn't boosting and was trying to be relatively calm on the throttle, however I had...
  4. D

    Fuel pump clicks to fill carbs but where does the gas go

    I realize the fuel pump fills the carbs after the bike has sat but where does the gas go that it is replacing ? Evaporate ? Or does it go to the engine and end up in the oil ? Thanx for your help .
  5. birchwood85

    Coolant Fill Cap

    I need to replace the fill Coolant fill cap on my 96 max but I can't seem to find it on a parts schematic, does any one know part number or what I can replace it with. Thanks in advance.
  6. jgotko

    Quick Fill Gas Cap Has anyone tried this gas cap modification? It seems like a good idea. It's not the prettiest modification I've ever seen but seems practical. I wondering how well it would actually function & seal. (?) I haven't been able to find an after...
  7. S

    WTB: 2993 V Boost motor and related components, Oil Fill Cap, Stock Air Box

    I am looking for a stock air cleaner box, V BOOST Electric Motor and celenoids. Also looking for a oil fill cap for a 1993 Max... I can be emailed at [email protected] Location is in Hawaii. Thanks! SORRY ITS A 1993.............
  8. Rusty McNeil

    Oil fill level

    It was talked about somewhere recently about over filling the oil slightly to get rid of the low level light. All this time I had thought it WAS overfilled slightly because the middle of the sight glass was where it was supposed to be. I have always brought it up to the top of the...