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  1. H

    where do you guys find those stock ex tips ?

    Hi everyone Henry from Colorado here. I just go a new to me 11' 1700 . I have seen pics of different stock exhaust tip extensions, but can't seem to find them anywhere on the net. can any of you seasoned vets send me a link or two to some options ? thanks in advance!!
  2. J

    1988 Red VMAX - Barn Find

    Hi, My Uncle passed away and this was in his garage. He drained the gas, antifreeze and oil about 15 years ago. New tires were put on before he stored it. Has about 12k original miles. This week I'm gonna put a battery and gas and see if it starts. Let me know if anyone is interested...
  3. H

    Where to find Igniton Coil

    Hi, I suspect right back ignition coil does not work properly after running engine for a while. This spark plug is black. Carburetors are cleaned and syncronized. The original coils are quite expensive. So does anyone know, if there is an alternative cheaper coil available that meets the...
  4. F

    Barn find 1988

    Newbie here, I acquired this bike through a friend of a friend etc; I don't plan to put the bike on the road. Instead I would like to bracket race the bike, the family could not find the title and the bike has not been on the road according to the inspection sticker sense 1999. the bike is in...
  5. R

    where do i find this license plate holder

    as the title says where can i find this at? i removed my factory light and installed leds in the grab bar but would like the plate some what in the factory location.
  6. Redbone

    Where to find Fasteners for my GMC K1500

    I have a 1998 GMC K1500 that I'm replacing the front wheel hubs/ rotors/ brake pads/ shocks. Some of the bolts need to be replaced due to rusting and my fumble handed attempts at removing them have ruined them. I was able to get a couple out today and feel good that I'll get the others out...

    Would love to find my next Vmax

    I'm in the search for a 2009 or 2010 Vmax, I live close to Fargo ND and would like to find a 2nd Gen Vmax . I will travel to get a good deal but I would like to keep my search area to North Dakota, Minnesota,South Dakota and Iowa. Ready to buy but won't buy just anything. I can wait until the...
  8. A

    Please help me find a solution.

    I just bought an immaculate condition 2003 VMax with lots of goodies including a stage 7 jet kit and full exhaust with 2" headers. Firstly, I can't seem to identify this system. Can anyone here identify it? I'm looking to quiet this bike down A LOT. While it does sound absolutely...
  9. dannymax

    '85 'Garage find' #407 for sale

    Looking for a nice resto project? Here is a 1985 low number (#407) for sale. It looks like it's been sitting for quite a while but it's a complete, original 1985. The carbs had never been off the bike, mixture screw brass plugs were still in place, but surprisingly clean except for a few...
  10. Rollie

    Brough Superiors - Barn Find

  11. J

    good find !!

    We have a recycle store here that takes donations from business all over the province. I often check it out to see whats new. I got lucky today. They had a huge box of stainless steel washers, cotter keys, acorn nuts, bolts and nuts all brand new ! hundreds & hundreds of pieces . I'm always...
  12. Falaholic

    Can't find Köstritzer Schwarzbier in 5L Mini Kegs

    Seems that it is a NE thing. I've spent the good part of a week looking for 5L mini kegs of this stuff: If anyone has these available in their area, or knows of a place that has and ships, please let me know.
  13. W

    Where can I find this?

    Been searching all over the place for a license plate mount like this. Every search I do yields the side mounts - I want it directly mounted behind the tire like this. Need it because my tail and fender are going to be smaller. That and the mount looks pretty slick.
  14. M

    Well that's one way to find out fuel light and reserve don't work.

    Just hanging out on a country road waiting for the wife to bring me fuel. PO told me fuel light was dim but didn't say that the fuel light just didn't work AT ALL and neither does the reserve switch.
  15. N

    Looking for starter clutch re-install pics/guide- searched but couldn't find.. Help?

    Hey I just wanted to see if there was a starter clutch re-install guide. I think I pretty much have it all set on how to do it, but the little details would be helpful (orientation / direction of parts etc etc) Does anyone have a link to some photos of how to reassemble it correctly? I want to...
  16. snakecharmr

    Where to find a Dyno in Southern Ontario?

    Just wondering if anyone knows of a place to dyno my bike come spring time and after I get done the work I'm doing now? I'm located near Chatham, Ontario.
  17. R

    Help. Can't find VIN, how to determine year?

    Hi, I came across a nice Gen 1 vmax, but seems like it's been somehow modified and repainted. Strangely enough I can't find the VIN on the steering column as usual. there are only 5 digits numbers engraved on the column but it is no VIN. Seems like the cover and fender has been repainted...
  18. S

    1st Post - Barn Find 85 VMAX

    I figured this might be a pretty good first post and look forward to many more and learning as well. A little history: I've always had and rode sport bikes owning several in the past. I sold the last one about 2 years ago. A guy I work with owns a 1985 VMax and I happen to remember and...
  19. H

    Side cover inserts. Where to find some?

    Hi I was wondering if anybody knows of anybody else selling the polished side cover inserts like the ones that python sells? They show out of stock and I was pretty sure I seen them on another site with different designs cut into them. Not interested in the "3D' type ones that some sites are...
  20. maxrom

    help find this

    find that piece while was closing up the cover but cant find where it goes:ummm: should be on the left side