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    Help finding rear shocks

    I MEASURED the rear shock eyelets center to center i get 12.75" bike parked. I found some 11.4" adjustable replacements. So hears the dum question.... Does the 1.25" diffrence in the two shocks translate to the bike being lowered 1.25" in the rear ?
  2. A

    Need help finding part.

    Sorry if this isn't the proper place to post this but I need to find a part. I was riding a week ago and the washer and snap ring type setup came off of the shifter lever. Here is a picture I found off of google images I need to order the snapring and washer. Here is my bike...
  3. I

    Help finding LEDs

    Hi.My name is Ernie. I'm new to this forum. Can anyone tell me where I can find integrated LED taillights for my 2006 Vmax?
  4. RoMax

    I need help finding this....

    I have a CKX Demon helmet right now that has custom paint. I need the help from my V-Max brothas and sistas to find another one. I know they stopped making them, but there has to still be one out there. It doesn't matter what color it is, or graphics, it'll have another custom paint job. Check...
  5. F

    Ever Have Trouble finding Bolts/Fasteners?

    This is waaaaay off topic but may apply. Ever have an issue getting the right bolts for these bikes?:bang head: I have in my garage a Cub Cadet 27HP Diesel 4x4 tractor I'm putting a new head on. Factory/Dealer repair manual gives 2 torque settings for the head bolts & while the head bolts are...
  6. E

    Need help finding a Yamaha tool

    Hi folks: I'm having a VERY hard time finding a "Damper Rod Holder" tool (Yamaha part # YM-01445) for the forks of a 1994 Yamaha YZF750R. These forks are USD, and very dis-similar to the Max's...but they are USD, so who's complaining? Well, I AM in this case! The problem is that Yamaha no...
  7. M

    need assistance finding old posting

    Hello, I am looking for a posting I saw maybe 2 weeks ago. It had a link to a magazine article about a guy, from germany, I think. He built a custom max, chain drive, 1600 something CC's and super light weight. anyone know which posting im refering to, I want the link to the article. Thanks
  8. S

    finding a fuel leak

    HI folks, in my everlasting quest for knowledge and vmax stuff, I'm stil working on my vmax troubleshooting. with the horrible gas mileage i have, I'm still looking here, and looking there. we all know the famous starting procedure where the fuel pump relay clicks or clucks itself up...
  9. Buster Hymen

    Charging Fault Finding Flowchart

    The pdf from the electrosport site is attached to this post.