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  1. M

    clutch fluid leaking somewhere

    What could be happening? The clutch fluid needs filled about 2 times a week. There's never any fluid on the floor under the bike. Its driving me nuts . Any ideas? Its a 1993 30000 miles.
  2. liptoss

    Clutch fluid issue

    Anyone have an issue with clutch fluid becoming murky? Performed a clutch bleed yesterday and noticed even before opening the lid on the master that the fluid in the window was dark. Performed the bleed, using both Mityvac and traditional methods, the fluid has some sort of suspended darkness in...
  3. P

    What happens if i don't have fork oil and is it ok to mix fork oils?

    Hi, I'm in the of the process of installing progressive springs, lowering kit and ricor intiminators on my -00 max. I'm filling it up and realise that the bottle i bought won't be enough for two forks. Now the problem is that I'm from Sweden and I only bought 32 ounces AmSoil 5wt oil with my...
  4. P

    help! Leaking brakefluid on the scoops!

    Hi! After getting my bike out of winter storage the bike began to leak small amounts(drops) of brake fluid at the scoops. I know this because its eating my paint! Anyone know how to fix this problem?
  5. naughtyG

    Clutch M/C leaking fluid..

    ..from where the clutch lever pushes the rod into the M/C :damn angry: It's dripping on the bike and on my jeans and jacket as I ride along :bang head::bang head: Is there a rebuild kit available cheaply and easily to fix this? Or, does anyone have a M/C in good working order they'd be happy...
  6. jagco1

    Brake fluid Dot 5

    I found this on amazon.com brake fluid dot 5 price for 32oz is $13.85 the lowest price I could find. Sometimes I have to bleed the brakes and clutch at master cylinder man some link on the scoops through rag and man lift a drip run off like in the paint had to buff it out. So I have been using...
  7. P

    Question: how do i know if clutch fluid is bad?

    Hi, I just noticed my brake fluid in the clutch master cylinder is alot browner than my brake side. I talked to a friend who's a mechanic and he said it clutch fluid isn't all that important and that it'll probably work without changing. He suggested that i wait to next time my brake fluid...
  8. dekberg

    Motion Pro Fluid

    My Motionpro carb sync tool is low on the "magic blue fluid". Is there some other fluid that can be used or do you have to use their special formula. I don't mind ordering it....just a little curious. Thanks
  9. R

    Brake fluid

    Hi guys I am replacing my reserviour caps and noticed my Brake and Clutch fluid is a little low.Can I use dot 3 brake fluid or do I need something special?.I had to ruin one of my hold down screws and they are 2.00 for one at Bike bandit .com.Where can I get bike parts cheaper than that?.
  10. naughtyG

    Going to Prog springs, what oil?

    OK so tomorrow I am trashing those soft OEM springs in favor of Progreassive ones, thanks to Kevman. In the past (with spindly forks on '86 + prog ) I used 15W fork oil, and felt an improvement. I also seem to remember someone (was it Sean?) saying you could use ATF as fork fluid, but not...
  11. J

    when bleeding clutch, fluid shoots out the top...?

    I have clutch drag so I'm just bleeding to try to eliminate it. When I take the cover off the master cylinder and pull the lever, fluid shoots out the top. I'm thinking this shouldn't be the case. But please tell me if that is normal. When I bled the brakes it didn't do that. On all the...
  12. SpecOps13

    Anyone Decide On The Best Fluid For Ultrasonic Carb Cleaning

    I had a coupon and a gift card for Harbor Freight so I picked up their larger ultrasonic cleaner. Now there's still confusion over what works best to clean Motorcycle Carbs. I don't think my carbs are varnished up or have a lot of sticky crud in them. I've had them apart to Band-Aid them enough...
  13. 98jpvmax

    2 things here sticky brake lever and i got brake fluid all over!!!

    Gonna explain this best i can, the brake lever when you pull it slow it is sticky and sqeaky but if you pull it hard like for a hard stop its fine, the slower you pull the worse it is, and the noise seems to come from under the resivior where the plunger is, also when i open the cover brake...
  14. T

    Clutch/Brake fluid

    Is this ok to use for the brakes and clutch? I'm going to bleed the clutch. The fluid is nasty looking. I have my wife to assist me if necessary. As long as I keep the master topped off at all times and don't let any air in I'll be ok....right? I've read too many scary posts about guys having a...
  15. E

    Question re. starter fluid

    Hi all: A coupla weeks back, someone had posted something regarding a starter fluid that assisted starting up a stubborn bike...I think it was sprayed into the combustion chambers before spark plugs were re-installed? If any of you recall that, could you please reference the post for me...
  16. T

    leaking radiator fluid

    hi, just put together my vmax after a year of disassembly for the dreaded 2nd gear rebuilt. just started her up and i'm leaking fluid from the radiator on/off drain tube. the leak is at the end where the tube bends into the engine. is there a gasket or o-ring there that i need to change...
  17. alorio1

    power sterring fluid comprable to what wt. oil

    power sterring fluid comparable to what wt. oil I recently rebuilt my front forks and used Power sterring fluid to refill tubes. It all works good, but I was curious to know what wt. oil is power sterring fluid comparable to.
  18. T

    After Clutch Master Rebuild just pumps fluid back into the reservoir.

    Just like the title says, I'm trying to bleed the clutch after rebuilding the master and slave cylinders on a '94 VMAX. I'm using a syringe and reverse bleeding it and everything. When I pull in the clutch lever in all that is happening is the fluid is getting pumped back into the reservoir...
  19. Blackjack

    DOT-4 Synthetic Brake Fluid

    I was told that my 07 Max uses DOT-4 brake fluid. Okay, so I go down to my local Wal-Mart to get some and find the below product which is labeled as a DOT-4 synthetic. My question is can I mix this with my current fluid without any problems occurring later, or must I purchase a DOT-4 that is not...
  20. T

    Tyga Mini Brake Fluid Reservoirs

    Hey all, we sell alot of these for Sportbikes as they are nearly identical to the smaller Brembo ones and they tidy up bike and add a little bling with the carbon cap...and finally, they are cheap! Not much use on the front master of the V-Max unless you are running something non stock but they...