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  1. C

    *NEW* 'V-4' Logo Generator Emblem

    Highly polished lazer cut stainless steel, simple to fit using original screws. Price: ?20.00 ($30.00) --- ?24.00 Including VAT at 20%
  2. shawn kloker

    hydrogen generator

    Anybody checking into making a hydrogen generator yet.A guy at work is getting into it bigtime and should have one running soon.Seems the govt. and oil companies have been doing a good job covering up this technology.One farmer from Ohio made a dunebuggy that ran only on water,patented about 8...
  3. Rusty McNeil

    Bigger generator???

    I've heard there is a mid 80's (1986 maybe?) Venture generator that is 500 watts? (versus the maxes 300 watts) that fits the Vmax. 3 questions; Does anyone know the specific year model needed? Do you need to change out the Stator, the Rotor, or both to make this happen? Does the R/R...
  4. Rusty McNeil

    V4 emblem clutch and generator covers

    V4 emblem clutch and generator covers I'm driving myself crazy trying to find who has these. I know I've seen them online somewhere and I don't think it was overseas. They are the Inserts to replace the stock ones and have a big V4 emblem milled into them, heck I even remember they are...