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  1. J

    Handlebar replacement

    Does anyone have a suggestion on where to order a handlebar for 93 VMax? Looking for a solution to match my stock bar with no need for any alterations. Easy replacement needed.
  2. L

    Pro taper bars installed on 1700 vmax

    Just finished installing pro taper evo bars on my 09 vmax. Could not find info on the stock bends so did some careful measuring to find them and some more measuring to see where I want the new ones. Ended up being the factory KTM bend. Left them the full width and the feel perfect so far...
  3. rebeltaz83

    Vstar 1100 handlebars

    My wife has an 07 v star 1100, she loves the bike. Her only complaint is the handlebars are to far forward, if she straight arms she can utilize her back rest, but it fatigues her arms big time, so she has to lean forward to have some bend in her elbows. I told her to pull the lever and move the...
  4. V


    I had a previous posting on several different items,but it was to jumbled,hard to read Looking for handlebars w lots more pullback and width than stock due to physical issues.It's my understanding that stock bars are 1-1/8th at clamp area,then taper to 7/8ths..I've looked quite a bit but no...
  5. V


    Changing a lot of things on bike and need some advice,first,handlebars,they at tapered 1-1/8 down to what? What about risers?I've spent a lot of time online trying to find bars/ that would work,w no luck. if longer hoses,lines etc are needed,any ideas.....windshields,found one for max(besides...
  6. T

    Looking for handlebars

    What size center do I need to have when purchasing new handlebars. Can I get away with a 5.5" or do I have to look for 6" center. Having a difficult time finding the right size bar I want up here in Ontario but may have finally found some but want to make sure they will fit before ordering. Thanks
  7. P

    Handlebars, handlebars, & handlebars

    Kind of a handlebar grab bag. Renthal ultra lows, GP touring black (new), Daytona black (new), European chrome (new), 1st Gen FZ1 with bar ends, FZ07 grips, Pro Grip grips (new), & unknown bar end mirrors (think they came off my Hawk GT). $100 for the lot shipped to cont US.
  8. Zeus36

    Three piece Danmoto Clip On bars - or - flipping the stock bars ?

    Decided to try out the Danmoto bars and spent half a day getting them configured. Due to it being a three piece setup, there are a lot of permutations. I wanted the clamps to have the stubs oriented at 9 and 3 to clamp the risers to, but that ran into a fitment issue with the master cylinders...
  9. Miles Long

    Taller handlebars for Max.

    Finished my latest mod - http://www.vmaxforum.net/showthread.php?t=36255 Worked out well, but I won't know the effect of the vibration-reducing addition, till I actually ride the thing. These latest bars stretch the limit as far as what's possible, with STOCK hydraulic and throttle...
  10. P

    Handlebars or spacers??

    Have done my homework as far as searching goes on here. Have found both spacer information and a little bit on handlebars but information is usually missing, so..... What I am after is to have a bit more mechanical advantage with a slightly longer bar as well as moving the bars back a little...
  11. adambweird

    Clipon handlebars

    Ok folks, Ive been thinking about switching to clipon handlebars and would like some input from those that have done it in the past or currently run them. All input is appreciated.
  12. vmaxrooky


    was wondering what size the stock handlebars are? Ordered me a set of the vibranators bar ends and they don't fit? the handle bars I have on my bike take a 7/8 grip? Is that stock size or are they supposed to be 1"? .86 outside diameter and .62 inside diameter.....Are my bars stock? My...
  13. timscues

    Filling the Handlebars

    What are some of you guyz putting in the handlebars? I've heard buckshot, melted lead to rubber caulk and the bar snake?
  14. ZackDaniels

    Everything Handlebars (Gauges/Grips/Mirrors/Etc)

    At the moment I just have a slipstreamer shield quick release mount on the bars. Planning for the future though. This is what I think I'm arriving at for the cockpit: Driven D3 Grips. Black on black baby. Going with these over the Kury options because they're alloy/PVC and no rubber. The...
  15. 94 V-Max Rider

    Bar Snake

    http://www.barsnake.com/ I highly recommend this product to those who have problems with their hands tingling or going numb while riding. It's not going to cure the problem completely, but it will greatly reduce the vibration resonating through the handlebars and make your riding experience...
  16. M

    Hmmmm what other accessory can I mount on my handlebars ...

    Not sure if I'm more surprised that they even make this or the fact that they're out of stock . Sure to get attrntion mounted on you handle bar http://www.motosport.com/motorcycle/product/RAM-MOUNTS-HAND-GUN-HOLSTER-HANDLEBAR-MOUNT/?id=125248 Max
  17. midmoraider

    Crooked handlebars

    Hello all, I did a search about this but couldn't find anything that addresses this issue. When riding the bike, the handlebars are not straight, i.e. they are positioned towards the right side, but the bike tracks straight. Is there a way to adjust this? It seems to be the whole front end...

    Aftermarket handlebars

    Well I tried a search but never found anything overly useful so figured I'd ask outright. I am looking for a replacement handle bar about 31" wide and about 2" taller than stock. Any recommendations?
  19. D

    vibration in handlebars

    Anybody try that "bar snake" that is supposed to dampen the buzzing vibration through the bars ? My friggin hands keep goin numb after about 45 min. at a constant rpm
  20. slowpoke

    noob ? of the day (handlebars)

    how do you remove the grips? everything else seems pretty straight forward as far as removing off the handle bars. ( i see bolts anyway lol...) also the bolts that hold the handlebars themselves on, the heads face the front correct? just making sure i am looking at the right things before i...