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  1. capymotiv

    Ignition conversion

    Short history. 88, igeatech, cop's, drilled exhaust. Been battling an intermittent ignition drop on rear 2 cyl for some time now. Replace cdi with ignatech and have had it happen twice since. Purchased a used wiring harness last week to go through to install. Would there be any advantage to...
  2. P

    Cheap CDI box to test

    Hello all, First time poster here, just recently bought a 2000 Vmax with 10,000 miles it is sputtering/popping and shutting off at low throttle I have to turn the key off then back on for it to start, without turning the key off when it shuts off it will crank but just pop and sputter will...
  3. Trondyne

    Ignition On

    Okay, so never having owned or rode a V-Max before I did some research first... My understanding is that when you turn on the ignition -- turn the key on -- that you should hear the servo cycle...with a clear whining sound... What I am hearing is not that sound.... Sometimes it clicks...
  4. Lotsokids

    Ignition Fuse (Just a Comment)

    I did a complete COPs conversion on my bike. I used a wire harness and COPs from a 2003 R6 and wired it all in myself. Worked all day on that and replacing a rear valve cover gasket. The gasket sprung a leak, so had to remove it again and re-seal and re-install it (that sucked). Other minor...
  5. O

    Ignition issues

    So starting yesterday i have been having ignition issues. When cold and charges the bike will start up, and will run for about 5 minutes, and then die. While running the bike is at 13.2, and when revved up it drops to 13.0 and holds until i left off. After dying the battery is down to 12.4. I...
  6. A

    Ignition fuse blows with dyna 3000

    Anyone knows what I can do to stop this. Bigger fuse or any upgrades. I have the COPs kit and the dyna 3000 cdi..
  7. Bill Seward

    Ignition switch question.

    Zilla has had this goofy quirk for a while now. Bike starts instantly. Runs fine. However when doing a cold start, and start riding, the bike cuts out just for a fraction of a second when you let off the gas, pull in the clutch, or hit a bump. After about 1/4 mile, it stops, and the bike works...
  8. S

    Intermittent VBoost cycling at ignition on

    Hi all, I have an '89 V-MAX and in the last 6 months the VBoost check when turning the ignition on has become intermittent... There does not seem to be any rhyme or reason; initially it appeared to be linked to ambient temperature i.e. if it was a hot day it went through the self diagnostic...
  9. timscues

    Cops, ignition box

    Alright gurus out there, battery connection tight, tach was bouching around here and there, today while riding lost tach and running like crap, just installed COP'S, and a new voltage regulator and wired that directly, was running good before and after install?? Battery is at 12.7 off and 13's...
  10. Kenreesesr

    Ignition Coils

    2003 Vmax I had the coils raised yesterday to access the battery, and noticed what looks like a crack in the plastic covering of each coil. Bike is running fine. Anything to worry about??
  11. Lotsokids

    World Travels, now back on my V-Max / IGNITION QUESTION

    Hey y'all. I've been gone a while travelling from my residence in Hungary to Mississippi, Athens, Greece, now back in Hungary. I'm scheduled to return to Mississippi soon again. I received (but not installed yet) a new air filter. I took the advice to not get a jet kit. I'll just leave my...
  12. D

    93 vmax ignition no fire...pls help

    Hello everyone, im very new to this site and ive owned my 93 vmax for bout 15 yrs or more, its been garaged and barely rode or even started for many years now, I know I should be made to walk the plank!! Last times I did start it, it back fired pretty bad bc of the carb being lil glogged..Smart...
  13. D

    No ignition spark 1993 vmax

    Hello everyone, im very new to this site and ive owned my 93 vmax for bout 15 yrs or more, its been garaged and barely rode or even started for many years now, I know I should be made to walk the plank!! Last times I did start it, it back fired pretty bad bc of the carb being lil glogged..Smart...
  14. Zeus36

    Keyless Ignition Kit - Proximity transponder

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jozLKvIy7rg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSD6sQNxrz8
  15. maximus speedicus

    '88 ignition unit

    In the seemingly never ending search for my randomly lost cylinder the only place left to look was the ignition module. Thankfully I'm pretty sure I found the problem. As you can see in the pictures, there were corroded components beyond reconditioning. I lightly scraped the worst one with a...
  16. Lew L

    ignition switch failurre

    Went on a 200m ride with a friend( he also has a Max but is not on the forum). Got home, shut off the bike and then tried to restart. No joy!!! No Lights either. Played with the switch and lights:biglaugh: So I know it's the switch. found repair info using the search function. Now just a...
  17. bkuberek

    Problem with Ignition Switch

    Hi all, Just got my 1991 all fixed up and running great.... then my ignition switch just broke. It will only work if I turn the key then turn it backwards a bit. But if the key moves slightly forward it goes off again. I feel like there is a contact issue inside the switch. I am concerned...
  18. O

    Need info on Ignitech Ignition

    Would like to find out info on the Ignitech Ignition. The Cost, is it a plug and play unit or is prior programing necessary, what is needed to install, are changes to stock wiring needed, etc. Can't find a web site with solid info on the unit.
  19. Fire-medic

    Ignition pickup coil non-OEM replacement $130

    http://www.regulatorrectifier.com/catalog/19902007-Yamaha-VMax-VMAX-VMX1200-Stator-Pick-up A new pickup coil for the ignition at a price about 1/3 of Yamaha. This is a new listing for them where w/the addition of the stock rubber wire o-ring, is a bolt-in replacement. Their previous offering...
  20. J

    Possible Ignition Issue

    Hey guys, haven't been on here in a while cause I been too busy riding :biglaugh:. But now I have a new issue forming on my '90. Lately as I've been riding, I've noticed that at around 4,000 rpm during cruising speed, the bike will start breaking back. Feels like it's dropping 1 or even 2...