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  1. Conman

    Driving Abroad- Shipping, Insurance, Etc.

    This summer I'll be in Germany for 3 months. I'm looking to bring my Stratoliner with me and was wondering if anyone here has done this before. I'm planning to fly it with air Canada's "bring your bike" program out of Toronto. Looks like it'll be about $2k round trip for the bike and I'm still...
  2. Cryptorchid

    Does the red '55' on speedo indicate a US import?

    Hi, thanks for adding me! I have just bought a 1999 Carbon Edition, 2 owners and 13600 miles on the clock in lovely 'un-customised' condition. When going to insure it in the UK, I am asked if it is an imported model. Though the registration number shows it to be a UK vehicle on the registration...
  3. 1

    92 Jap Import wont shut off

    My first post here, so hi everyone :eusa_dance: I'm sorry for my first post to go straight to a problem, and for this loooong post, but this is doing my head in and the bike has got to be on the road in a few weeks... Basically, after lots of looking I bought a Vmax off ebay and was done...
  4. N

    US Bike Sales websites?

    Wanting to import a vmax from US to Australia. The reason is simple, the custom bikes over there are the best I've seen... compared to over here in Australia, the modified vmaxs are few and far between. I've started modifying my 88 though due to having to import most items from around the...
  5. B

    Derestricting Jap Import Vmax

    I 've bought a 98 Japanese import Vmax. I gather these are restricted so not on full power. I beleive there is an exaust modification I need to make, but what exactly do I do? What other modifications do I need to make?. Do I need to change the vboost?. I have a workshop manual on CD however...
  6. shawn kloker

    import car performance parts

    I am buying a Mazda 3 ,5 door for my wife.I want to put a catback system on it for a better tone.Does anybody have any suggestions for a good place to look?Pimped out ,pissed off bumble bee sound.