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  1. P

    Interest in Gen 1 - need advice on what to look for or ask

    Hi - First time on this forum, and if things work in my favor, will be the first of many! After having first set sights on the Max more than 20 years ago, I was in love with the Max (is that gay?) - and now I'm finally in a position to buy one. I live in S Florida (Ft Lauderdale) and...
  2. twistedmax

    VMAX CASTINGS gaging interest

    I'm trying to gage interest on doing (having done) A or some VMAX castings, The guy I would be working with on this can do Items from the size of a button or lapel pin up to a belt buckle . All he needs is a picture . I was thinkin a 30th anniversary belt buckle or maybe Gen I or Gen II...
  3. Fire-medic

    Cute mug shot brings too-much interest in the accused

    FL woman's mug shot after DUI arrest gains admirers In the early hours of July 25, 2010, a Hillsborough jail deputy snapped a routine booking photo of Meagan Simmons, who had been arrested on a DUI charge. In the picture, her head appeared slightly and seductively cocked. Her hair, tousled just...
  4. kaboom

    This might interest a few....
  5. SpecOps13

    Items of Interest for All Bike's

    You'll need the real coupons for Harbor Freight, but check these items out. I bought the Laser Thermometer a few weeks ago. So far it works great.... Dave
  6. dingy

    Steering head bearing wrench interest?

    I am having some more steering head nut wrenches made. They will be ready to ship on December 6th. These will assist in setting the steering bearing tightness on all 1st gen VMax's. The Yamaha equivalent is around $80, P/N YU-01268 I am selling these for $25.00 including US shipping...
  7. SpecOps13

    Interest to Request a Firearm Section????

    I do a lot of testing for manufacturers of AR-15's, the writing I do is at ARFCOM, I have experience with, building, shooting, reloading for and repair of hundreds of firearms. I'd be happy to contribute what I can in the way of knowledge. I seem to be splitting my time here and there...
  8. RaWarrior

    Interest in a lake run?

    With the overwhelming success of Dan's Brownie Run and the good times had by all, I figure I might try my hand and organizing a get together. Right now I'm just feeling out interest and pondering details. Give me some feedback either way. What I'm thinking is a gathering/ride in the...
  9. ZRX/V-MAX

    Any interest in a DFW Wrenching party at my Place?

    I'm a bit south of the Metroplex in Ennis, but easy to get to via 287 from Ft. Worth or 45 from Dallas. I was going to tear into my Frontend and do some brake and control upgrages, as well as change tires. I have a decently stocked toolbox, and can mount and balance tires as well. I live...
  10. Birdoprey

    Any interest in OEM quality clutch fibers/steels thats cheaper than OEM???

    Hey guys, As most may know, i've done a good deal of dragracing on mostly late model sportbikes. And its well known that you can't beat the performance/reliability/longevity of the OEM fibers/steels. There are aftermarket clutch componant makers that make good products, but their...
  11. U

    For anyone's interest..

    My Sweety gave me a Valintine gift yesterday that she bought from this ebay vendor: It's a really well detailed diecast model of my V Max...It now has permanant a place in our fam room, for me to gaze upon, so I won't have to keep running out...
  12. D

    Any interest out there in Ohlins shocks??

    I'm about to buy a Vmax with OHLINS S36PR1C1LB YA-137 Adjustable Rear Shocks. Apparantly, these are fairly expensive shocks that as a casual rider, I'll never see the benefits of. I was thinking of trying to sell them on EBay. Are these shocks popular enough that I'll get any takers or will I be...
  13. Buster Hymen

    How much interest in a VMF Tshirt?

    I'm gauging interest in a Tshirt with the logo on it. For the first run, it will be a black cotton T-shirt with the logo on it. I'm not sure which style, but you can see some designs ideas in this thread Cost would be $10 CDN plus shipping...