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  1. Kronx

    What the hell is wrong with these kids?

    I read stories like this and I'm reminded how fortunate I am that I had kids that would have never even dreamed of doing something like this to a teacher. Cuz if my son ever did, I'd probably go to jail for beating the snot out of him. Disgusting...
  2. N

    I think the kids caught the motorcycle bug!

    The little guy was all about the throttle on the Max, and my 12 year old actually fits on the Buell. Good times :biglaugh:
  3. J

    kids growing up

    kids with me on 650 special- pic from 1991 kids getting bigger on their own bikes
  4. caseyjones955

    Do our kids know how to deal with cops?

    This is a follow up to the murder victim in Chicago. How do we prevent this from happening to our own? a couple years ago I had a long conversation with my lawyer regarding police, detectives, rights, tactics and choices. I also have a mentor that practices law on the west coast and have...
  5. Fire-medic

    Olivet MI football kids 'do the right thing' by themselves

    I know this community, this is just a great story, and the kids did it on their own.
  6. maxrom

    for kids and up

    seems that there is no cam-trick at all creasy
  7. rusty

    Some people shouldn't have kids
  8. C

    Lady left kids in car....

    10 years old, ok no big deal. 5 years and probably 4 years old, big deal. I went to Sam's Club yesterday and pull in around 9 am. Here is a F150 with the windows all the way down with a small kid in the front seat and a smaller kid in a car seat in the back. I hung out for a second and...
  9. midmoraider

    Kids riding gear

    Hey all, I don't know if anyone has had as much trouble as me trying to find riding gear for kids. Helmets and gloves are pretty easy, but decent jackets and boots and such are almost non existant. I found this store that is in England called They have everything you could ever...
  10. 88vmx12

    the kids are out of hand!

    ok well I happen to leave to head for colorado on Sun. My wife is at her brothers in Utah visiting. Well I get a phone call from my wife and says you need to see this! Well I go and check it out, and HOLY $h!T. Well Jake my son and Madalyn my...
  11. mattness

    NSFW, 18+ only. get kids out of room. prepare to laugh. is epic. they have some free previews on the front page and appears to be virus clean, however i still wouldnt click any ads on the sides. summary. camera crew walks up to girl, offers her 40 bucks to show her panties.. she thinks about it and says ok... well from there they...
  12. vmax190

    Kids and money

    my youngest daughter just made the cheerleading squad for next year, when she will be in the 7th grade, the cost is $1,500 plus jim nast ics, @ $1700, plus uniform, shoes, camp + $800, i am glad to do it for her, but this is insane, when i played sports in school it was free, they even paid half...
  13. vmax190

    i'm back kids

    damn i missed the abuse, but no worries, i'm back on my bi-polar meds, so i will try and behave:clapping:
  14. gleno

    Got Teenage Kids- You'll love this

    If you have teenage kids this will seem all too familiar. Funny though:rofl_200:
  15. Zewerr

    Some gift ideas for the kids!!!!

    Here's a few gift ideas for you parents out there wondering what to get the kids for this holiday season! How bout an aquapet for the girls? Note that they require 2 AA batteries which aren't included before you order... Maybe a Super Soaker...