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  1. cwkerr007

    nitrous kits

    i have searched near and far can anybody tell me where to find the nitrous kits for our bikes
  2. 9

    New here, 98Vmax MOD questions

    Hi all! I have a 98 runs great and I am ready to do some mods. I just ordered VooDoo exhaust and I am considering doing a carb kit and K&N filters. I live in Colorado and have been told to not do the carb kit.... due to our elevation. Any Ideas??? :ummm:
  3. caseyjones955

    Brake MC rebuild kits

    I always lean towards OEM and NEVER use Chinese stuff, but there are a couple aftermarket kits made in Japan. I know K&L is respected but what about these? This vendor came up recently but just wondering if anyone has had any experience with hydraulic kits, quality and fit, that sort of thing...
  4. caseyjones955

    Whos making the COPs kits now?

    I havnt seen Blax for a long time, is anyone else out here making the plug/play COPs conversion? I'm looking for a kit for my 89 Venture 1300.

    Looking for some info on drivers foot peg kits

    I've read several post about kits for the drivers foot pegs. When I sit on my Gen 2 Vmax the foot pegs are right in the middle of my legs, which means every time I am anywhere that I have to have my feet on the ground, the foot pegs are poking me in the middle of my legs. Do any of the foot peg...
  6. M

    Anyone used POR-15 motorcycle tank repair kits?

    Looking at this kit: I believe my tank is rusting, just got the word from Danny that I had rust in my carbs. So I want to go ahead and try sealing the tank. Anyone with experience with the por kit or another product with...
  7. dannymax

    #18-8 S/S Allen Bolt Kits @ BRC

    The two main reasons for stripped carburetor body bolts is 1) over tightening and/or 2) allen bolts too short. BRC has Allen Bolt Kits consisting of (89) bolts & (23) lock washers - broken down as follows: (16) #18-8 S/S 6mm Socket Cap side & bottom bracket bolts (16) #18-8 S/S 5mm...
  8. S

    carby rebuild kits

    Is there a quality after market rebuild kit that contains not only the o rings but also the diaphram under the 3 screw cover ? Or should I just go OEM ??
  9. P

    Tool kits..........

    1st one from a Kawasaki, 2nd one from a Suzuki. $30 shipped (Cont US)
  10. johnblaid

    Caliper kits for stock same for front and back?

    Are the caliper kits for the front and rear of the VMax (1986) the same part? The part numbers are similar but not identical.
  11. D

    jet kits

    I got my new full exhaust need help with what jet kit to go with. any input would be helpful thanks.
  12. texas-ss-tornado

    Wiring upgrade kits for early VMAX

    I am working on a 90 model with a charging issue, first thing I'm going to do is replace the wires. A couple years ago, I found a kit on eBay that basically provided better gauge wire for the entire charging system on a VMAX, but now I can't find the kit? Any ideas where I can purchase this...
  13. charlieRobinson

    LED light kits

    Hey, guys. I really enjoy riding at night but I keep having the same problem.. cagers not seeing me. I see lots of dudes around town riding with lit up bikes, LEDs i'm sure, and i really want to light my max up too. Any reviews/feedback on LED light kits? Any recommendations? Advice...
  14. P

    Anybody heard of these Turbo kits for gen1

    Hi, Just though would put this out here if some one's interested :) anybody used these?
  15. 1st Shirt Maxer

    Caliper rebuild kits?

    Where is the best place to pick up some quality caliper rebuild kits? I've looked at a couple of websites but wanted to see what everyone else is using.
  16. R

    neg and pos upgrade cable kits

    Has anyone installed a negative or positive ubgrade cable kit they use bigger wire for better starting and current flow kits run about 35 to 40 dollars.
  17. P

    Do jet kits make much of a diffrence

    hi guys santa might be get me a jet kit stage 7 or morley muscle i have read the other threads on the kits and i think i would like to go with the morley muscle kit but will i feel much of a diffrence and how easy is it to fit and would i need to get it ran on a dyno cheers guys
  18. Chopcor

    Clutch master and slave rebuild kits?

    My clutch lever started going soft on the ride yesterday, and just now when I went to put the bike in the garage, had very little clutch at all-wasnt releasing all the way, and very little resistance at the lever. Im assuming its time for some rebuild kits, slave and master( might as well do em...
  19. one2dmax

    Chrome Bolt Kits

    We do offer engine cover bolt kits as well as an engine mount kit. We will be adding a carb rebuild kit soon. The engine cover bolt kit includes: Clutch Cover Stator Cover Waterpump (and Cover) Mid Gear Cover Starter Outer PCV Bolts Stator Insert Chrome 12.9 Bolts (will have the...
  20. R

    Nitrous kits from Sean?

    Sean do you offer wet nitrous kits? Randy