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  1. CaptainKyle

    2 latest projects

    I went & got 2 new projects last night sorry not Vmax & I ventured into the dark side again. I bought a 2001 Vulcan 750 which don't need much & I got a 1988 Harley FXR . I am not going to do much to the Kawasaki but the FXR will be repainted & tuned a little better. I have to get rid of tons of...
  2. tothemax93

    The latest Hilary crimes explained.

    I thought this video explained the actual criminal activity that she's involved with, very well. They only touch on 2 of the possible 14 charges.
  3. CaptainKyle

    My latest 2

    Well found 2 more and bought them. I am picking them up on Tuesday pretty cool 85 and a nice 05
  4. Traumahawk

    Latest project

    Here is a pic of my latest project. This is for a friend of mine....and it will eventually be given to his daughter as a present. It was dropped well as boxes of "stuff", last week. This friend of mine is a old biker from WAY back when. When I asked him why did he want me to build...
  5. C

    My latest Michigan Vmax Hooligan mod...... Zippo Lighter!!!

    Got my new laser machine in today. Spent almost 7 hours in training with it. It was delivered late and I was hoping to have it installed and working by 3 pm...... well I didnt start my own parts after training till 9pm. :bang head: But here are some pictures through the protective glass...

    Latest Odessey Battery deal PC 680 - $95. Plus shipping. Place located in Lakeworth FL. Also have BetteryTenders new Lithium battery but its $254! Ouch. Check it out.
  7. H

    Star wars fans? My latest project.

    I started this back in September and its almost done.. still needs a few modifications but its finally good enough to wear. There was a big Santa Claus bar crawl a couple nights ago and I decided to wear it to the bar with a Santa hat. It's " a new hope " style storm trooper armor with a...
  8. C

    My latest mod's albeit small but its coming along....

    I dont think I posted a picture with my bar end mirrors yet. So far to date I have changed..... Drag bars Mini Signals front and rear ( both from Sean , thanks! ) Bar end mirrors ( ebay item $32 shipped ) And I made a set of cylinder covers and I polished the air scoops ...
  9. C

    My latest cylinder covers.... and a Karma

    Ok since I ve never done a karma on the forum here before, I ll explain how I usually do them on other forums... Rules 1. You have to be a member as of today. 2. You may post once (1) per day till the karma ends. The more you post the more of an opportunity you get to win. 3. You...
  10. CaptainKyle

    My latest purchase

    Well here is my 89 I picked up last night. Its been sitting a while & needs a little work. I am not sure what I am gonna do with it yet as I dont seem to keep any thing. The paint is not as great as it looks in the pictures. I might just fix it & take the supertraps,sportmax seat & tail off &...
  11. Redbone

    Motus MST-01 V4: Latest News

    The Motus GDI V4 project is progressing with U.S. road tests set for early 2011. Engineered right here in Michigan and to be designed and built in Alabama, the Motus has close ties to the engineering team behind the Corvette Racing program. I am really looking forward to what the final product...
  12. SpecOps13

    Building the Ultimate AR-22..... My Latest AR project

    I started testing 2 key products of this carbine together with an 8" barrel that Clint Beyer made available to me and the Target Master 22 conversion that AR15 Conversions, Pam Sent. I was getting very good results from the AR Pistol Version of this setup. Several times I felt that it was trying...
  13. veebooster

    Latest Cycle Canada

    Jim, You're a famous re-run!:eusa_dance: Yup...on the back cover of the May 2010 issue, again. :clapping: (Do you get royalties?) Dale #2592
  14. Nobody

    Superchared v-max my latest build

    It took me a year to but this bike together. I bought this bike last year from my good friend Paul Novak, so some of you may know the bike. But as you can see I have made a lot of changes and personalized it to my liking. SPECIFICATIONS Motor: 1997 V-Max 190 hp/130ft-lbs with 15 Pound...
  15. veebooster

    Latest Cycle Canada

    VMOA V.P. Jim Rodgers and Toxic are featured in full page back cover Yamaha ad Dec. issue of Cycle Canada. I was just tossing it on the table to look at later and then I saw it....a smiling/smirking Jim on the drag strip! We'll have to set up an autograph table at the Jan. Supershow Jim! More...
  16. carbonvmax

    latest neanderpaul live looping video

    had a show last night.
  17. dannymax

    The Latest from the NTSB

    Well...........Here's the answer to the downed plane in the Hudson River!!
  18. Buster Hymen

    Latest forum software upgrade

    I've finished an upgrade on the forum software. Let me know of any issues that you find. Dannymax pointed out an issue on the vbblue skin where the colour choice for the fonts did not work. This has been fixed with upgrade. :clapping: Also I've eliminated the 5 latest threads from the vbblue...
  19. gleno

    Latest Body Armor

    The latest range of body armor for Motocross Riders? :hmmm: No wait....Road Racers? :hmmm: nooo.... Guess again :ummm: These happy characters are Peruvian anti-riot police, who are seen here parading in celebration of Peru's independence day yesterday. :surprise: May be they were expecting...
  20. yamamax

    Our Latest Charity Fundraiser

    HI ALL This is what we are doing this summer for a charity fundraiser for a childrens hospice in the U.K. the idea is for members to donate Vmax parts all of which will be taken to a rally in july and...