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  1. G

    88vmax pulling to the left

    Hi, my 88 vmax (all stock) pulls to the left. Noticeable when coasting with hands off but can tell the issue is always there as holding a straight line seems as it take some correction that I have never had in a motorcycle before. Going to start with looking at the suspension. Any tips or...
  2. A

    Foreign object in front left cylinder

    Quick question here is it possible to lift front cylinder head about 1 centimetre (with the engine in the frame)to remove something that has dropped through the spark plug hole into the front left cylinder (yes through my own stupidity☹) have tried magnets and endoscopes .:ummm: Would...
  3. C

    Wanted left hand frame cover on yoke

    Wanted the plastic cover for the left hand side of the yoke which covers the cables
  4. S

    R1 left front caliper for later model forks

    It bolts up directly to a 97 fork. It's rough looking, been sitting for years. No pads. Make an offer + shipping.
  5. MT Pockets

    Front Left cylinder not hitting

    Hello all, I finally had time this evening to give my '85 a good wash and make it ready for the riding season. After talking to her nicely, she finally fired up. Things didn't sound quite right and after feeling all of the headers, I found the front left didn't want to put blisters on...
  6. N

    06 max left side header pipe

    Hello everyone, Bought my first Vmax last night. Did a cannonball run with my oldest boy and a buddy. A little over 10 hours round trip arriving home at 0400hrs and I am the owner of her. I need a left side header pipe. Looks like the one on it got partially smashed loading it by previous...
  7. D

    Right exhaust is slightly louder/has more back pressure than the left

    Could this be jetting or bad synchronization, or am I looking at something worse? When the bike is cold its a lot more obvious, but when its warm its still the same; I have factory headers with a 4-2 supertrapp open ended exhaust and the right side pipe has more back pressure/is louder than the...
  8. D

    Front left turn signals wont work

    My front left turn signals won't work on my '96 (one mounted on fork, one in the mirror). I just got this bike and I'm not familiar with the max's wiring; where should I start in diagnosing this? Everything looks hooked up too.
  9. D

    Shift lever, left mirror and aftermarket clutch/front brake levers

    Need these parts ASAP, let me know if you have them!
  10. T

    Front left turn signal

    I bought two new signals for the front, one has three wires and works great. The other only has two wires and not flashing. My question is do I have to buy a new one or is there a way to make this one work? The bulb has only one filament too!
  11. maxrom

    left hand safer!!!

    Always cut off or open on power by left hand Yesterday had a little issue with equipment Aproche myself by lthe right side of the power box and reach handle with left hand As i was at half inch of the handle to cut power off Big bang, cover open by explosion and energy ball (arc flash) of...
  12. Itgoes

    Left and Right Gen 1 Scoops Needed in VG Condition

    I have a friend that is looking for both scoops.....they'll be painted so finish doesn't matter much but they can't have any significant scratches, or gouges, dents...etc. In other words when stripped they should be suitable for painting without the need for body work. Please PM me if you...
  13. Fire-medic

    EEver wonder how much gas you have left?

    Well for more-traditional gas tank locations, this seems to answer that. :biglaugh:
  14. Barry barker

    Scoop, side cover, left case guard

    Make me an offer on any of these parts if you need a back up or these are nicer than what you currently have on your bike. Shipping will be about $10.00 for the scoop and/or case guard, the side cover about $6.00. thanks, Barry
  15. Traumahawk

    I'm shocked

    For those of you that dont know....GQ magazine decided to write an "edgy" article named "F*CK you Ben Carson". You know, if this was a conservative publication.....there would be public calls for the writer to be fired....etc....none of that is happening. The left wouldve said that was a...
  16. 2

    What is this plug for under the left scoop. I found it un plugged and wrapped in tap

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  17. BigJimi

    popping through the left side exhaust???

    Well I took the bike out for ride today to see how the new to me SuperTrapp slip ons sound. I noticed when I was at a steady pace it seemed to be hesitating and if I let off the throttle a bit it would start popping mostly from the left side pipe? I think it is running lean now do to moving...
  18. SpecOps13

    More Attempted Gun Control From The Left

    This puts a new twist on the subject. I don't agree with this method any more that I do the others. Read the words and watch the video. To me this is a desperation move. This is LAME.......................... http://bearingarms.com/desperation-gun-control-group-lies-gun-buyers-attempt-sell-fear/
  19. A

    oil leak near left exhaust rear of engine

    oil runs down left exaust at rear of engine. I think I can see it misting a bit in that area when running but cant pinpoint the source. How hard a fix? Ok
  20. vmax1968

    Left turn signal problem

    Hello, The left turn signals are randomly doing a rapid flash and they also have lower intensity from the right ones when the rapid flash happens. I changed both bulbs to make sure that was not the issue but the problem did not go away and it is now more permanent than random :ummm: I...