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  1. E

    Where does the white oil level sensor wire go?

    Hi I have rebuilt a Vmax from 1986 and everything works great now, except the start switch won't work. All of the electrical are connected where it belongs except for the white oil level wire, I can't figure out where it's supposed to go. And I can't find my Haynes book either, so any...
  2. M

    Fork Oil Level

    I’m just finishing replacing the seal and I’m confused about the right fork oil quantity. - Mosley’s video says 4.8 inches from top, - another YouTube video says 5.5 inches, and - on the Service book it says 451ml (this quantity gots me at 11” from top). Before I close it up, anyone...
  3. D

    Oil level myth

    Hi everyone, I changed oil and oil filter yesterday. In manual they said 3.4 liter if you change oil filter also. But when i checked the oil level window, the oil level was over the upper level. Today i drain the oil about 1 liter then the oil level is between the upper and lower level...
  4. A

    oil level sender

    Hi, I was wondering if any of you boys can help me. the oil level light has never worked since I bought the bike. On investigation I noticed that the wire coming from the oil level sensor isn't actually connected anywhere. I cant find any likely places for it to plug in. Can anyone shed any...
  5. B

    Coolant level

    I bought a 95 V Max a month ago. The bike is stock with approximately 35k miles. I filled the coolant system and i pukes a little coolant out the overflow tube, when the engine is at operating temp. The overflow reservoir doesn't fill up or go do down in volume, coolant just comes out the drain...
  6. D

    Generation 2 Rear Diff Level

    Dumped the rear diff for the first time 600 miles. Now have oil leaking at fill plug. Did I maybe overfill it? Whats the proper level? Thanks, Ted B
  7. maxrom

    Oil level sender circuit (understanding)

    Hy, Rebuilding Royal Venture project Electrical harness from A to Z (doing the harness from zero) I`m trying to understand the way it works so, Testing oil level sender Oil level sender has no contact (open circuit) when float is down= low oil level Oil level sender has contact (close...
  8. D

    Halp!! Oil level

    Heya! So 1) My sight glass is way too foggy to see through, so I dunno what the oil situation is. 2) I know it most likely needs an oil change, but I won't be able to do that for another week or so 3) I took off the oil cap (by right foot peg) and couldn't see any oil at all, could...
  9. O

    Float level adjust for the first time. looking for advice

    Hi, I have decided to take my 1982 Vmax off the road for a month to do a lot of little stuff to it. My main concern that I have is setting my float levels. The bike was in storage for years unrun before I got it, and although its going great, there is something not quiet right in the carby...
  10. N

    Going from sea level to 5000' + elevation- How to tune the carbs?

    I bought a lake house in the mountains where I'm keeping some of my motorcycles now, and the 'max is one of them.. (all the others have fuel injection) The elevation is 5200', so the air density is less but the roads here are paradise. miles and miles and miles of perfectly paved twisting roads...
  11. R

    Fuel level gauge / indicator. How to install?

    Hi, My fuel reserve light doesn't work. (The bulb works, it turns on and then off when I start the bike). But many times I'm running empty without even knowing. So, I would love to get one of these installed on my vmax. A fuel level gauge/indicator...
  12. H

    Wet float level bouncing!

    The link below is a video of cyl 1 & 4 bouncing up and down and the bike is off. I do have to raise the float level on those 2 carbs. Just wondering why they bounce? http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=URf9HlaAnto :ummm:
  13. tothemax93

    Float level twilight zone

    In the process of tuning my muscle kit. I Want to start out from square one,so the first step was to check and set the floats. Took the carbs apart and set the dry float height as per the sticky in the carb section, shooting for 17mm wet height, then installed the rest of the muscle kit. I put...
  14. J

    Reading wet fuel level

    Quick question can't seem to locate answer figure I'd ask when reading level in tube do you read te bottom most part or the top of the concave line Gonna do this sideways for use of characters 17mm >) Or 17mm )< Turn both those 90? clockwise to understand (<) refers to reading above or below...
  15. maximus speedicus

    Middle Gear Oil Level

    Hey, Guys. Need some help here: So the other day I was attempting to rebuild my clutch slave (attempted as in failed: slave's allen head bolts are seized on) and in the process I took off the middle gear cover. The Yamaha manual says not to let any oil out when it's taken off. well.... a good...
  16. nwilliams2112

    Oil level question

    Hey all, I hope this is the right area to ask engine related problems. I have a 95 and I am always checking the oil level thru the window thing and it always looks like it's right on. Well, anyway, I just changed oil and filter and the manual calls for 4 quarts. I put in 3.5, looks like it's...
  17. 4

    Wet float level check, how long of hose?

    About to do it, wanted to know how long is enough? The sticky isn't specific so do I need 6 to 12 inches (that's what she said)? Any help is appreciated.
  18. J

    How do I check the oil level, I know it's dumb question =/

    I've owned a ton of bikes, but I can't seem to find an oil window or dip stick. I just bought this bike and it is modded out like crazy so maybe there I should be checking there is a pressure gauge mounted.
  19. Diablotin

    Sea level carb setup

    hi guys, what setup would you advise as a base line at sea level with a stock engine, air box (K&N) and with a 4-2-1 exhaust (Over racing, I guess I'm the only one with that exhaust :rofl_200:) ? I check the carb sections, but I don't see anybody at sea level with no carb kit. The bike...
  20. train460

    Fork oil level

    hey All. haven't changed out a fork seal in awhile so have a 88 with progressive springs. what weight oil would you use and how much or better, how much air space to the top? If so are the forks compressed , with springs in? Etc. Michael