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  1. Kronx

    Indian Scout Bobber. Lookin' Pretty Good

    I tried a Scout and it was too small of a bike for me, but I sure do like the look of them. And I think these new ones look pretty spiffy too.
  2. C

    You lookin to race.... I mean are you lookin to race?

    Title being said in a young Deniro voice mimicing Taxi Driver's you lookin at me. So such a beautiful day, its 4 pm and I decide to take a half day off work ( I came in late too at 8:30 am ). Now the turbo bike isn't running great at part throttle, but its the only bike I have to ride right...
  3. vmax626

    I`m lookin for, model train stuff in H-O scale

    Hey guys, I just thought I`d ask if any of you guys have any model train stuff in a box in garage or attic , or just layin around ??? I`m getting ready to put together a good sized layout in my garage ( wanna get the grand sons into something innocent and interesting along with having a good...
  4. S

    Just plain ole good lookin

    I really do like the look of these bikes! My resurrected V. Z
  5. mattness

    things are lookin up

    honda plant where i live just called me to do testing and screening crap to work on the assembly line. $15.05/hr starting out. O.O my eyes went big lol. im making 8.50/hr now at the casino so this is a huge upgrade. im setting up retirement stuff and payin off my gen 2 and buying a house...
  6. RaWarrior

    Lookin for a quad

    Just wondering if any of you Maxers also ride off-road. I've had a quad for a while now...an '88 Suzuki 230E. By all means an "old beater" quad. It still runs good and looks okay, but it's been abused and beat on mercilessly it's whole life, long before I bought it for $250. It would need a lot...
  7. vince95


    Anyone know where the post is of a lady with the nice ass pic on here? Saw it a few days ago and now can't find the thread. There was some info I needed in that thread. Also would be nice to see the pic again. :biglaugh:
  8. GREEN light BLITZ

    lookin for normal.

    I have a bike night I attend every week and next week they are having a mobile DYNO,Im just wondering what the USUAL numbers are for bone stock.My Max has a little done but probably not enough to make a difference in numbers really, but one can only hope.Shes been through a lot in the last year...
  9. warbeast

    Lookin for someone to ride with in Central MI

    Most of the people I used to ride with have relocated out of the state because of the economy. I was wondering if anyone on here is from around my area. I live about 15 miles south of Mount Pleasant. Now that it's starting to warm up around here I am gonna be looking for some places to ride...

    Lookin' for a MAX in Oregon

    Hey My cousin is looking at joining the ranks. We're here in Oregon and there are a few for sale on craigslist, etc. but he wants to exhaust all sources before he gets one. Does anyone have a vmax for sale? Thinking about it? Know anyone else that does? Let me know! -Travis
  11. Rusty McNeil

    What's that allen head plug lookin' thingie

    I have stupid question. What's that allen head plug lookin' thingie right next to the sparkplug? It can't be a head bolt or it would be in the top of the piston and it looks to close to the sparkplug for there to be any water jacket right there but maybe that's what it is????