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  1. SpecOps13

    Shock Of My Life In The Mail Today, From Yamaha

    I bought a new Yamaha FZ8 on Halloween as some of you know. I got a really great price on the bike to start with. I looked through all the paperwork that came with my bike once I had it home. I found a questionnaire that said I could receive Cash Back if I'd take the time and fill it out and...
  2. Frosty72

    Your tickets in the mail?

    I Got a ticket in the mail today for not stopping at a red light to make a right turn, Damn Cameras!!!!! I went to the website to pay and saw the video, I didn't even slow down, must not have been any traffic for miles. Common sense doesn't count for shit any more. It's pretty wierd getting a...
  3. KJShover

    Wow slow Xmas mail

    You can sure tell its Christmas time. On the 2nd, I mailed my instument cowel to the UK via USPS international priority. It just arrived in LA and was cleared for international this morning. And my headlight assembly went to Canada on the 1st, It arrived in Canada on the 8th.
  4. ghostntheshell

    Got my Intiminators in the mail today!

    Got my intiminators in the mail today. It came with two units of oil. For what ever reason, I thought I would need a third (I don't know if I dreamed that) - so I bought some more fork oil. This is definitely going to be a spring project as she's gonna be stored sooner than later! Any special...
  5. ghostntheshell

    Got my center stand in the mail today :)

    Got my center stand in the mail today! Now to install it... Is this just a simple two bolt install? And if so - can someone tell me what size of bolts I will need? My Max came with no stand - and I haven't checked to see if the bolts were still in the bike - in case the previous owner...
  6. ghostntheshell

    The mail man came today!

    So I got home tonight and the mail man delivered me some goodies! 1.) A very poorly package Carb tune tool. It came in a plastic bag. That's it. All the way from the UK. Oh well - it looks absolutely fine :) 2.) I lied - it was also carefully packaged in seran wrap for extra protection...
  7. QuarterHorse

    New pieces arrived in the mail today

    I gotta do some clean up work to 'em, but I think they were worth what I paid.
  8. Max01red

    Look what came in the mail today..

    I got my VMAXFORUM.NET shirt in the mail today :punk: ....very cool looking, and the T-shirt itself is very good quaility....Thanks Buster!!!! pics...sorry couldn't get the wife to model it for you guys(go the rear emblem will be very noticable and easy to see when your...