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  1. B

    Making this old bike look new

    Hey all! I recently acquired an '88 Vmax 1200, which I had previously never heard of but fell in love with immediately. The previous owner had put pretty much as much money as possible into maintaining all the OEM moving parts and had paid a bit less attention to how the bike looked, so I've...

    Making sure Tapatalk is working for y'all.

    Closed the road here for a few days. Brought in a 300T crane. It took the crane company a day to set it up and install the jib. Reached up to the top of a 300' tower, barely. Couldn't get the crane any closer. It was nearly at the maximum radius. Lift capacity was reduced to less than 1T...
  3. caseyjones955

    Whos making the COPs kits now?

    I havnt seen Blax for a long time, is anyone else out here making the plug/play COPs conversion? I'm looking for a kit for my 89 Venture 1300.
  4. Traumahawk

    Aftermarket levers making clutch slip

    This has been discussed a bit on other threads but like I'd said earlier, I would post details as to what I found when I got home and got everything fixed. So, A bit of history Several years ago, I bought these levers.....and didnt have any issue from them...
  5. S

    Making my life easier....

    Picked a car engine stand for $30.....couple bits of heavy wall tube and threaded rod.... Heads are coming of for oversize inlets and flow job....for parts cost :) Then spin it over fir o-ring fix and gearbox inspection before a degrease and paint job.
  6. C

    Taking the most powerful production bike and making more power.....

    So today's technology is awesome. 2012 ZX14 Pipe and reflash only by Brock. 219 rwhp and 128 ft lbs of torque.... It awesome to see the horsepower wars back! Lets see Yamaha offer 250 rwhp for the gen 2 from the factory. How cool would that be? Its amazing that adding a pipe and flash only...
  7. Fire-medic

    Making "Bullitt"

    Here is a great thread about "Bullitt" being filmed. Remember the car chase climax, the Charger flying into the gas station and immolating everything, including the bad guys? When they were filming...
  8. thepretender

    Think Sean is making a mistake :)

    I sent Sean my Fazer 700 carbs hadn't been used in 15 years and it showed. He is sending back these almost new shinny carbs can't possibly be the same ones can they? :clapping::punk::eusa_dance:
  9. ninjaneer

    busy trimming trees and making donuts

    :rofl_200: hehehe among other things to say the least. needless to say the job's been overly demanding with bouts of weekend and late night/early morning activity. :surf: :th_whip: also the wife and i are spending what few hours of free-time prepping the house for market (years of...
  10. D

    Testing the carbon fiber waters. Might start making it.

    A great guy who I fly with makes carbon fiber parts for airplanes, and he mentioned that he may be willing to help me make parts for my vmax. It will be expensive for me to get into, and it seems that the costly/timely part is making molds, SO, if I make molds for my own carbon fiber vmax parts...
  11. D

    Making rear axle, materials?

    Hey guys I am working on a chain drive vmax with an R1 rear wheel, the wheel is setup for a 28mm axle and the swingarm I got from Sean is set up for a 20mm Axle. My plan is to mill the chain adjuster blocks and swingarm out to 28mm and make a matching axle as I dont have one anyway. would...
  12. O

    Making the vmax look "low profile"

    Didn't know where to post this, but....I'm wanting to lower my bike, which has stock suspension and tire height/width. My brother-in-law has a Mean streak and I love the way it looks, but I prefer the power the vmax has. I don't know if I really want to change the rear rim, so I think a ME880...
  13. mattness

    making a deal, need inputs

    welp i may not be parting the bike out after all, my good friend wants to trade me his 98 honda shadow ace 750 + cash for my 03 straight up. now heres where it gets pickly, HOW MUCH cash? i dont wanna rip him off but i dont wanna get ripped off. hes my good friend and im his good friend...
  14. slowpoke

    making out a will

    does anyone know how to make a will out? im afraid my wife just might kill me after she finds out i just ordered a kerker system from sean... ah well. hopefully shell let me take it for a ride after its installed before she kills me :eusa_dance:
  15. odieoh24

    company making aftermarket parts for the 09

    i just saw this on another forum i go to and thought the guys here would be very interested!! i knew it would be just a matter of time before someone figured out how to bypass the speed limiting circuit, now...
  16. vmax190

    making a living

    just curious to see what all you guys do for a living and if you like it:ummm:
  17. jedi-

    Making transmission gears

    I thought I would post this just for interests sake, kinda off topic as these aren't Max gears but are basically similar. They are out of a racing Triumph and I just wanted to show the procedure in making them in detail as to give some insight as to what is involved and what to be aware of if...
  18. Neil-3446

    Making Max Mad Again !

    Hey Gang... 22 1/2 years later, and now I decide to do something with my Max. Bought the ArtFibras body kit, braced/double notched the SW, waiting on the HMF exhaust, and 5.5 x 17 wheel from COO, along with other goodies. Battery busted in storage years ago and killed the paint on the engine...
  19. Zewerr

    I'm making T-shirts. I need more ideas.

    A few of you may remember this post I made a few months ago: Well, I took one of the many photos taken that day and did alittle photoshopping, and decided it would make a great t-shirt. I've came up with a few captions to go with the picture...